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My Pro Debut… Smiling Nevertheless…

by Sharon Gayle May 28, 2010

Well, I am happy to say that I made it to and through my WNBF Pro. debut (May 22nd).  Unfortunately, the odds were against me from before I even stepped on stage as I was not feeling well and most definitely not looking my best. Nevertheless, the experience was priceless! 

The Pro. Figure Ladies, were all very pleasant, committed and focused!  Many of which were very seasoned, and with the WNBF for quite some time.  A reminder that I have my work cut-out for me to stand out and apart, at future competitions. 

Winning is desired; however, for most competitors the immediate goal is to place Top‑5.  A Top‑5, placement makes placing 1st In-Height a possibility, first in-height being the only way to win the OVERALL at any competition (but more about the rules/regulations of Figure Competitions in another posting).  This being my first WNBF Professional competition, my primary goal was Top‑5.  Sadly, during the weeks leading up to this very important event, I caught a bad cold, borderline flu.  My cold combined with extremely long workdays, created a trickle down effect, which was detrimental!  Due to the cold, I lost my appetite and was unable to eat my 8-meals per day; which affected my energy levels for robust workouts; further hindered by too few hours of sleep the week leading up to the big day.  Suffice to say, I headed to Virginia, not feeling or looking my best!  I repeatedly reminded myself along the way, that how you run the race is crucial and equally as important as winning! 

As with all goals and aspirations, all we can do is our very best; even with the flying wrenches that hit us head-on in preparation.  Sometimes, the bump on the head might be an indicator to sit the race out and focus on the next.  However, circumstance might not allow for this option.  Thus, one must forge ahead, using the process and outcome as a learning experience.  This was one such learning experience, one in which I have taken extensive notes!

To my WNBF comrade Sheretta, Congratulations!  You looked fabulous and were absolutely deserving of your 1st Place and Overall Win! ~SG.

Pre-Competition Progress Photo’s - Part 1

by Sharon Gayle May 12, 2010

Hello everyone.  So here, they are …a few progress photos taken this past Saturday 8th May. Usually, I would take a look and file them away; I’ll have to get use to popping a few into the blog before putting them away and bracing myself for the onslaught of commentary; good or bad. 

Well, it seems I have my work cut out for me, but it is doable.  We can accomplish a lot in 2-weeks when we put our mind to it.  Though following a precise and strict regimen is important eight or so weeks out from competition (possibly a lot more time, depending upon what you did prior to those eight weeks); were physique competition is concerned, the final week will tell the tale.

Clearly, I have to work on leveling out my shoulders; each seems to have a mind of its own! ;-} My side pose, upper rotation, could use a little work too. Well, practice makes perfect …trust me when I say I will be practicing!  Taking photos to check posing, form, and overall physical appearance are priceless. They reflect much more that what you see in mirror.

No promises, but I will try to have another, final set of photos for you next week.

Did you hit the gym today?   Choose to be healthy!   Do what it takes!  ~SG.



My First Pro. Competition...

by Sharon Gayle May 4, 2010

Hello everyone. As you now know, if you’ve checked out my Competition Calendar, I will be competing in my first WNBF Pro. competition, the WNBF/NNA Center Stage Figure Championships, in a little less than 3-weeks.  Surprising to many, I am quite nervous.  I think we can all agree that it is healthy to be a little nervous, especially as I'm going on stage with (as one person put it) the WNBF crème of the crop.  After taking 5-weeks off at the beginning February to rest and recuperate from an intense 2009 (did not even see the inside of a gym), it has taken me a few weeks to snap back, but I’m almost in tip-top shape.  The next two weeks will tell the tale.


I’ve begun practicing my posing and working on my swagger.  Yes, my swagger!  I tend to be so nervous on stage that I don’t have much of a swagger a.k.a. saunter, but I’m working on it.  ;-}

I will also be taking a few pre-competition photos’ to keep a visual diary and to see what I actually look like.  A mirror does not do it.  Photographs are best as we are able to look at ourselves as if from the eyes of another person, and be more critical of what we see. 

During the coming 2-weeks, I will be keeping you posted on my transformation and perhaps, pop a photo or two into the Blog for you.

If by chance, you are going to be in Arlington, VA. on Saturday 22nd May, come on out and show your support!  It will be quite welcome. ~SG.

Official Launching of SharonGayle.com

by Sharon Gayle May 4, 2010

Now that www.SharonGayle.com is live, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! I wanted everything in place and just right, before making the grand announcement. For the past month, I repeatedly went back and forth in my head asking, “should I launch, should I send out the newsflash, should I wait?”  Trust me, it was not easy. We are often our own worst critic, deterring ourselves from moving forward. Why the anxiety?  I am not sure. What I am sure of, is that I’m happy I chose to Just Do It!

Little by little, your responses to the newsflash have been arriving via email.  Thank you all so much for your kind words, excitement, and well wishes for my success. I am so touched! Smile

Keep your emails coming! Yours in Health! ~SG.

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