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2010 Pro. World Championships ...a Proud Milestone!

by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

A Personal Accomplishment.

Thanksgiving was a much-needed break. The last 3-months have been grueling! The intense workouts, required focus, deciding on the "look" needed to make an impact, choosing the perfect outfits, letting the phone ring, and hitting the gym on Sunday’s; when all I wanted to do was sleep in!  Believe me the life of a Physique Competitor is no fun; but it is fulfilling!  Fulfilling, to have set a personal goal and see it through; Fulfilling to know that I walked away with no doubts as to whether I did everything I could (within my power) to prepare and do well. Fulfilling, knowing that I held my ground amidst some of the WNBF’s most elite Pro Figure Women.  Yes, I can look back at this event as a very important milestone in my journey as a competitor and smile!

A moment of fun ...and fond memories! My friend Pat and I backstage.

Add to this feeling, my standing on stage to the reception of friends and clients cheering me on; all of whom had impressed upon me that "You're a WINNER Sharon, whether you win this one or not" ...I cannot help but be proud and look at this experience as a major accomplishment! 

The Pro Figure women were a force to be reckoned with ...fierce opponents!  Some, seasoned with years of experience; others, like myself, a ‘new pro’ but all clearly serious, and worthy of Pro Status

I placed 8th at this event.  Of course, I had hoped, prayed, desired, to place higher; nevertheless, I proudly take 8th and give a nod of much respect to the Top-5 Competitors and Overall Winner, WNBF Ms. Exercise Figure World Champion Amy Llinas-Lynch.

* * * * *

Love and much thanks to my friend Patricia, who as always, was there to help me get through the day, both physically and mentally. You're an Angel!  

* * * * *

Below, are a few candid photographs taken during what was an extremely long day! Stay tuned for professional front and backstage photos, plus video to be posted soon.

Thank you all again for your encouragement and support! ~Sharon Gayle

Pro Figure 'Tall Class' Comparison ...just a few of us.

Finals - Evening Gown segment. A solo shot!

Backstage with bubbly Rene!  Friend and competitor from 2009 INBF Worlds.

Finals - Evening Gown Segment - Tall Class 'Comparison' shot.

Exercise Plateaus - An Indication of Success!

by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

Plateaus Help to Gauge your Progress.

Over time, as your body adapts to the intensity and energy required to get through your exercise routine, you may arrive at a state of "Plateau". To Plateau means: You have become efficient at getting through your routine, "efficient" meaning that your body will begin to burn less calories when you do the same activities. You have become stronger and fitter, thus, running 2-miles or, climbing 3-flights of stairs, is not as difficult as it was in the past. The only way to move beyond this plateau would be to change you workout, the intensity, time, or the routine itself.


Plateaus indicate progress ...a milestone!

How to continue making progress:

Is how hard you workout. Changing the intensity is simple. Instead of running level on the treadmill, you might try setting it to an incline. However, if you do not feel ready for this, consider running a faster mile.

If your pace is a 9-minute mile, try your best to improve it. This way you will be able to run longer than a mile in 9-minutes and burn more calories. Note however, that running a faster mile alone may not increase your calorie expenditure.

Time: Is how long you work out. You can break your body’s improved efficiency by cycling longer. Instead of cycling for 1-mile, consider gradually increasing your endurance by adding an additional half-mile, or perhaps a mile every week.  The time you add would be dependent on the amount of time you can dedicate to your workout. Add what you are comfortable with. For you it may be ½ a mile; for others it may be 1.5 miles. Either way, in time, you should see positive change.

A Goal Achieved!

Be happy and try to view each plateau as a goal achieved!
  With this in mind, you should not try to prevent the plateau as it helps to gauge your progress. The key is to know when you have arrived at a plateau, and how best to move beyond it.


You've achieved a goal!

IMPORTANT:  Dependent upon the frequency/amount of days you workout, the type, order, and intensity of your workout; you may need to change your routine every 4-6 weeks or so. If you are performing your workouts correctly, your body naturally gets used to what you’ve been doing, and eventually will not be (as) effective in meeting your goals, if it doesn't change.

Oftentimes, what’s needed is as simple as changing the order of your workout, as well as using different machines and weights.

SUGGESTIONIf you find that you’re having a difficult time giving up a routine; get rid of it all together!!! You’ve gotten so used to it that your mind and body fear the unknown, and the work you’ll have to put into something new. Keep in mind that when you do not change your routine as needed, you might find your workouts boring. "Boring" combined with a lack of additional progress due to a plateau, will almost definitely make you stop working out altogether. We do not want that!  Fear not - choose to renew your goals, change your routine and start fresh! ~SG

Merriam Webster Dictionary: Definition of "Plateau"


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Fitness Guidelines for healthy adults under age 65

by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

Guidelines for healthy adults under age 65.

Basic recommendations from ACSM and AHA:

  1. Do moderately intense cardio 30-minutes a day, five days a week, or Do vigorously intense cardio 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week
    And Do eight to 10 strength-training exercises, eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise twice a week.
  2. Moderate-intensity physical activity means: Working hard enough to raise your heart rate and break a sweat, yet still being able to carry on a conversation.

30-minutes a day, five days a week - highly recommended

It should be noted that to lose weight or maintain weight loss, 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary. The 30-minute recommendation is for the average healthy adult to maintain health and reduce the risk for chronic disease.

Tips for meeting the guidelines:

With busy work schedules, family obligations, and packed weekends, it can often be difficult to get the recommended amount of physical activity. Try these tips for incorporating exercise into your life:

  1. Do it in short bouts. Research shows that moderate-intensity physical activity can be accumulated throughout the day in 10-minute bouts, which can be just as effective as exercising for 30 minutes straight. This can be useful when trying to fit physical activity into a busy schedule.
  2. Mix it up. Combinations of moderate- and vigorous-intensity physical activity can be used to meet the guidelines. For example, you can walk briskly for 30 minutes twice per week and jog at a higher intensity on two other days.
  3. Set your schedule. Maybe it is easier for you to walk during your lunch hour, or perhaps hitting the pavement right after dinner is best for you. The key is to set aside specific days and times for exercise, making it just as much a regular part of your schedule as everything else.
  4. The gym is not a necessity. It does not take an expensive gym membership to get the daily-recommended amount of physical activity. A pair of athletic shoes and a little motivation are all you need to live a more active, healthier life.
  5. Make it a family affair. Take your spouse, your children, or a friend with you during exercise to add some fun to your routine. This is also a good way to encourage your kids to be physically active and get them committed early to a lifetime of health. 

Above information provide by the ACSM-American College of Sports Medicine and the AHA-American Heart Assoc.
www.ACSM.org and www.Heart.org


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Ask the Expert - Your Questions Answered.

by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

Quality over Quantity!

Dear Sharon.
I’ve been going to the gym 6-days per week for the past 3-years. Very rarely do I take a day off.  I used to go 4x per week for about 3 years prior, but wanted to lose more weight and tighten-up; so I thought more would be better.  What am I doing wrong? I look the same!  Help please. ~Lydia Chester, Farmingdale, LI.


Lydia, I think we would all agree that more is not necessarily better, unless we’re speaking about laughter! I do not believe you are doing anything wrong; however, you may need to make a few changes.

I see why you might think that in your specific case, having made progress when going to the gym less; should mean that going more would improve upon your previous success. However, your going to the gym more also changes the way in which your body is affected, i.e. more stress on the body; you may require additional rest/recovery periods; you may need to change nutritional intake.  There is also the possibility that your body has come to a plateau (definition); thus, your program needs may need an overhaul.  There are so many reasons as to why you have not made further positive gains with the additional time spent in the gym.  However, the quick answer is that Quality is more important than Quantity!  WHAT you do in the gym, is more important than how often you are there.  With the correct nutrition, wellness/fitness programs, time, and mindset, you will be able to meet the goals you have set for yourself. HOWEVER, bear in mind that your goals should be realistic, based upon your lifestyle and schedule.

Lydia, I suggest that you re-assess your health and wellness goals; but factor in your current lifestyle and work-scheduleFocus on your health and longevity rather than the amount of day’s your are in the gym.  When you put these two reasons for working out at the top of your list, you might find that 4x-a-week in the gym is more than sufficient. ~SG


Dear Sharon

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Sharon Gayle November 25, 2010

GayleFORCE™Fitness│SG-Executive Wellness

Happy Thanksgiving

So many ways to say it, show it, and yet the feeling
is the same ...Thankful!

May gratitude fill every heart around your
Thanksgiving table.

With Warmest Regards,




2010 INBF/WNBF PRO/AM Mr. & Ms. Super Natural

by Sharon Gayle November 17, 2010

2010 INBF/WNBF PRO/AM Mr. & Ms. Super Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships - Results

Oct 02, 2010
Maryvale Senior High School - Buffalo, NY.

Best Body Bikini Bikini 40+  
1. Patricia Dore
2. Tiffany Seager
3. Eileen Haggerty
1. Patricia Dore  
Male Model    

1. Tajudeen Oshodi
2. David Reilich

Teenage Bodybuilding    
1. Justin Wachholder    
Ms Fit Body Ms Fit Body Over 40 Fitness
1. Syndi Maldonado
2. Jennifer Reddings
3. Deborah Marcy
4. Jen DellaRocco
5. Kimberly McCabe
6. Julie Kopp Leslie
7. Jillian Fattey
8. Chrissie Nelson
1. Syndi Maldonado
2. Ann Fire
3. Deborah Marcy
4. Denise Whitney
5. Kimberly McCabe
6. Barb Polcyn
1. Mady Carter
Men Novice Bodybuilding     
Class A
1. Nick Paterlia
2. David Reilich
3. Daniel Campbell
4. Michael Carfagna
5. Lee Fabiatos
Class B
1. Brian Mahns*
2. Dan Dixon
3. Jerry Smith
4. Todd Bates
5. Tony Cervellera
Class C
1. Bernard Sheffer
2. Justin Wachholder
3. Tajudeen Oshodi
4. Mark Solomen
5. Jason Maskell
Figure Novice Class A
1. Jen DellaRocco
2. Eileen Haggerty
3. Kimberly McCabe
4. Jillian Fattey
5. Bethanne Grimm
Figure Novice Class B
1. Jennifer Reddings*
2. Deborah Marcy
3. Julie Kopp Leslie
Figure Open Class
1. Deirdre Callahan
2. Ann Fire
3. Crissy Nelson
4. Denise Whitney
Figure Over 40
1. Deirdre Callahan**Masters Pro Card
2. Ann Fire
3. Syndi Maldonado
4. Deborah Marcy
5. Denise Whitney
7. Kimberly McCabe
6. Dee Paris
Men’s Masters Over 40
1. Richard Maldonado*
2. Anthony Andrews
3. Bernard Sheffer
4. Eugene Ring
5. Mark Solomon

Men’s Masters Over 50
1. Bernard Sheffer
2. Mark Solomen

Men's Open Bodybuilding      

1. Blaine Sheffer

1. Ben Haloock
Light Heavyweight
1. Richard Maldonado*overall
2. Anthony Andrews (best poser award)
1. Mike Penkin (most muscular award)
2. Richard Shape
Women's Bodybuilding      
Women's Novice BB Women’s
1. Deborah Marcy
2. Barb Polcyn (best poser award)
Women's BB Over 40  
1. Donna Trobia
2. Deborah Marcy
3. Barb Polcyn
Women's Open BB    
1. Donna Trobia

*Overall Division Winner
**Received Pro. Card

www.inbf.net (Amateur Division)