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Physique Competition: Definition of Terms.

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011

A Little Clarification...


*Pro. Card Qualifier – An Amateur competitor who wins the Overall Title of his/her segment at this event; is presented with a Pro. Card (Professional Status).  Not all INBF (Amateur) events are Pro. Card Qualifiers (present Pro Cards to the Overall  Winners). Additionally, periodically, dependent upon the event; each 1st Place Winner might also receive a Pro. Card regardless of whether they win the Overall Segment.

**Top 5 – The Top-5 Competitors in weight class (bodybuilding) or height class (figure, fit body, best body, etc.) receives a trophy. However, an amateur competitor must win 1st Place in their segment to contend for the Overall Title. If the event is a ProQ., the competitor receives a Pro. Card and transitions to the WNBF to compete as a Professional Competitor. Professional Competitors compete for placement, but also win prize money, if they make it to the Overall Segment; by placing 1st in their respective Class Segments. – This is the point at which the 1st Place Winners of each weight class (bodybuilding) or height class (figure, fit body, best body, etc.) go on stage to compete against each other for the Overall Title.  Whether a competitor is a Professional, or an Amateur; winning the Overall Title at any event, is the goal of all goals! ~SharonGayle

***Overall Segment - This is the point at which the 1st Place winners of each weight class (bodybuilding) or height class (figure, fit body, best body, etc.) go on stage to compete against each other for the Overall Title.  Whether a competitor is a Professional, or an Amateur; winning the Overall Title at any event is the goal of all goals!

WNBF - Divisions and Weight Class Designations

Hercules 2011 Spot-Light and Awards / Presentation

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011

2011 INBF Hercules – Coverage

It was an unforgettable experience! 

On Saturday 25th June, 2011, I had the great honor of Spotlighted at the 2011 INBF Hercules Championships held in New York City, and presenting trophies to the Top-5 and Overall Winners of each segment.

Smiling for the camera backstage!

It was an unforgettable experience!  The Hercules was a Pro-Card Qualifier*; thus, some of the most seasoned amateur physique competitors came out to showcase their body’s, and their dedication to the sport.  And, believe me, they came out in peak condition!  The judges had their work cut out for them …the competition was stiff!!! And, with the WNBF Pro Universe just 3-weeks away, and the 2011 Pro World Championships in November; not to be taken lightly.

Winning a Pro. Card* would allow the  newly minted Professional competitor, the opportunity to enter either of these WNBF mega events!

Being recognized for my accomplishments was great, but experiencing the world of Physique Competition from the stage (fully-clothed :-), in addition to seeing and understanding first-hand the various emotions displayed in the faces of the competitors, offered a totally different perspective; one which was both exhilarating and sad.  Because, though the Amateur aspires to place Top-5** at any competition; 1st Place is needed to contend for the Overall Title***.  It is the winner of Overall Title who will receive a Pro. Card.  Boy, did I know the feeling!  All I could do to ease the obvious nervousness and tension, was to whisper words of encouragement whenever I could, as I greeted and awarded each competitor.  ~SharonGayle

Alex Groumbas, 1st in Bantamweight Class and Men's Overall Winner! A title well deserved!

Whispering positive words to Alex!

Top-5 Figure Competitors - Donna Kratz takes 1st Place and Overall.

The awesome Sean Campbell takes 1st Place in Middle Weight.

Top-5 Middle Weight Class

Akinyemi Damola takes 1st Place. Top-5 Heavyweight Class

Hercules 2011 - Results

Click on link below for more details on:
*Pro. Card Qualifier  / **Top-5 / ***Overall Title / Winner

The Almighty Prune!

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011

Prunes …don’t let their looks fool you!

What Prunes lack in looks they most definitely make-up for in nutritional benefits; so don’t let their wrinkled exterior deter you from adding them to your meals. If not daily; perhaps, every few weeks.

It’s quite amazing just how beneficial adding them to your daily diet would be and did you know that Prunes have more Potassium than 1 - Banana?

Starting it's life out as a plum, the prune is truly a majestic fruit. Weight for weight, they're by far on of the richest food source of protective antioxidants providing a massive boost to natural resistance and vitality! (See Prunes at the ORAC* listing below)

Health Benefits of Prunes:

  • Prunes contains large amounts of fibers and sorbitol a stool loosening sugar
  • Prunes helps to slow aging process of the brain and body
  • Helps in cases of anemia
  • Prunes are excellent for increasing one's vitality
  • It helps in normal blood circulation
  • It is a good remedy for sore throat
  • It can help prevent cancer because of its high beta-carotene content

Nutritive Values of Prunes : Per 100 gm.

  • Vitamin A : 1,890 I.U.
  • Vitamin B : Thiamine .10 mg.
  • Riboflavin : .16 mg.
  • Niacin : 1.7 mg.
  • Vitamin C : 3 mg.
  • Calcium : 11 mg.
  • Iron : .7 mg.
  • Phosphorus : 85 mg.
  • Potassium : 810 mg.
  • Fat : .6 gm.
  • Carbohydrates : 71 gm.
  • Protein : 2.3 gm.
  • Calories : 268

From a nutritional standpoint, prunes stand out as being an unusually good source of Vitamin A. In fact, a serving of prunes provides almost a quarter of your daily requirement of this important vitamin. Although a bit high in natural sugar, prunes are relatively low in calories at about twenty (20) calories per prune. It's best to eat whole prunes rather than prune juice to get the benefits of the fiber. Prune juice is also relatively high in calories and sugar at 180 calories per cup.

Article Source:  Hubpages

ORACValues.com is a comprehensive database of foods and their antioxidant levels.

For more on the benefits of Prunes click on the links below:
Prunes Deserve More Respect…  Source: AssociatedContent.com
Prunes can help with Osteoporosis.  Source: Antioxidantsguide.com


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GayleFORCE Fit Tip! : Forearms

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011


Wrist Curl: Kneeling - Reverse Grip (Barbell)

Correct Form:

  1. Using reverse grip, extend wrists back as far as possible. 
  2. Keep forearms in contact with bench.
  3. keep your stomach tight to stabilize your lower back.
  • Perform:    3 sets.
  • Complete:  8-12 repetitions.
  • Weekly:     1x per wk.

Your ability to perform any and every upper body exercise, hinges on the strength of your arms and wrists. Generally, more attention is given to the Biceps and Triceps; however, forearms and wrists need to be given equal attention to perform your upper body exercises efficiently.  To fully work and define your upper arms, forearms strength and wrist stability, is essential!

In a nutshell, don't ignore the small body-parts, as body-parts work in tandem with each other. ~SG.


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Upcoming Competitions - Sharon Gayle

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011

You've got to be in it, to Win it!

Dear GayleFORCE Friends,

Several of you have emailed to ask whether I will be competing this year? While, a few of my clients have asked whether I was prepping for a competition due to the physical change in my appearance, as my body quickly begins to reflect the change in my meals, and ramped-up workouts?  So what better time to make it public that I will be competing in September. 

I know, I know, I  said I was taking this year off to rest, recuperate, maintain relationships also known as "Me-time"; but, for various reasons, taking the year off is proving quite difficult to do.

  1. I like to challenge my body (within reason)
  2. As a new WNBF Pro, I am still trying to establish myself, and to make my mark within, and
  3. As a World Champion Pro., it is somewhat expected by the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) that I compete. 

Me at the 2010 Natures Best WNBF Pro World Championships

So, now that I have recovered from my January 2011 shoulder surgery; had physical therapy; deliberated and discussed it with my beloved, oh so wise Mother; I have decided to compete in  two upcoming competitions ...the Champion Nutrition WNBF Pro UniverseSeptember 17, 2011, and the WNBF World Bodybuilding & Figure ChampionshipsNovember 12, 2011.

In a few weeks, I will no doubt ask myself “What on earth was I thinking?” but for now, I think it’s the right thing to do.  And, as the saying goes…”You’ve got to be in it to WIN IT!”  I look forward to seeing you at both events. Come over and say hello! ~SharonGayle