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COMPETITORS CORNER! A commentary by Natalie Benjamin

by Sharon Gayle September 29, 2011

The Pursuit of Glory...

Dear Readers,

Below is a note from Natalie Benjamin, a fellow WNBF Pro. Figure Competitor.  We travel this (competitive) road together amidst so many others. Along the way we do our best to uplift and encourage each other.  The pursuit of "physique glory" often opens the gateway to strong bonds and the building of characters.  In the end, I believe it is these traits that make us Winners!  Though we desperately want to take home Trophies; they are exactly that …trophies …inanimate objects.  It is our lives and the emotional roads we travel that tell the tale!

Congratulations to Natalie for achieving WNBF Pro status!  You go girl!  ~Sharon Gayle


A Word from Natalie Benjamin - WNBF Pro. Figure Competitor

Commentary from Natalie Benjamin.

I had a long conversation with Sharon Gayle last night. WNBF Pro competitor and long time friend since our NPC days. We discussed the Pro Universe show and just competing in general. Are we really walking on stage representing that we are a product of hard work in despite of critics and just radiating with the presence of the God we believe in? It doesn't matter how you place. Win or lose DO NOT LOSE YOUR SOUL! We believe we are a product of God's hand in our lives. Our bodies represent fit African American woman. We represent that. As we go into World's, we will keep working hard, changing our physiques.  But we CANNOT LOSE OUR SOULS!

Tanji Johnson, IFBB Pro says her strong Christian faith sustains her through the requisite arduous training process to defeat the world's best.  Our faith will continue to carry us through good and bad times. WE CANNOT LOSE OUR SOULS! We are competing with a purpose! God first always! We gotta decrease so He can use us.

I wrote the below poem after going through a rough period while I prepped for my first Pro show in April of this year.

I Will Walk on stage with the GLORY!
By Natalie Benjamin

I will walk on stage with the GLORY!
God will touch me and I will illuminate.
I will walk with a fire,
A flame that burns in my heart,
That the weapon that has formed for weeks did not prosper.
Offering my soul as a sacrifice,
Been crying out to God in my wilderness experience,
And he brought me back to life.
I will take the GLORY on stage,
The overwhelming crowd will not phase me,
My confidence will be seen.
The devil tried to slay me,
But God showed His strength within my heart.
Thought I'd fall apart but He kept me.
Was so hard to fall on bended knee,
Before thee in this time.
Been blinded by my problems.
Rotten by grief,
Prayed so hard for relief,
And He did it!
Within my soul,
My spirit has been renewed.
I am set free.
Walking with the GLORY!
Showing the talent He blessed me with.
He knows the way I take and when He is finished testing me in the fiery furnace,
In the mouth of the lion,
In the belly of the whale,
In the midst of being stoned,
In the midst of crucifixion,
I will cry at His feet and pour scented oil everywhere,
Wash His feet with my hair.
I will release the GHOST,
He will overwhelm me and
I will come forth pure as GOLD.
A victory worth the praise.
I will shine on stage with the GLORY,
And I will GLOW!

Printed with permission of Natalie Benjamin

Recapping the 2011 WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

by Sharon Gayle September 21, 2011

2011 WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

Saturday 17th September, 2011
New York, NY

Dear GayleFORCE Readers,

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I’m still recuperating from competing at the 2011 Champion Nutrition WNBF Pro Universe this past Saturday. Wow, is all I can say! The Pro’s came out and they were not playing around; they came in tight, toned, and looking to win money! And, so did I . . .$$$ and a Trophy to be exact. :-} Don’t mind me, I’m being silly, and as I mentioned, still recuperating from 11-weeks of intensified training in addition to the other items, always on my daily agenda.

The competitor turnout was great, and though I did not do as well as I had hoped, placing a respectable 8th, I took the stage in rare form and did what I always try to do... Shine and Stand Out! And now as I wait for the head-judges feedback, I’m taking this week off to gather my thoughts, establish a game plan, and as of next week, move forward in preparation for the Pro World Championships in November. No, it’s not over yet!

Sharon, front and center at the 2011 WNBF Pro Universe

To those of you who came out to support me, THANK YOU! so much. I’m still reeling at just how many of you were in the audience yelling and cheering me on. Once I stepped off stage and met with you, it did not seem to matter were I placed; you all made me feel like a Winner!

A special THANK YOU! to my friend Pat for being there as usual to assist me backstage. You’re an Angel Pat, and I truly appreciate all that you do to help and encourage me during my preparation.

And last but not least, to all of you who sent me e-mails and v-mails with positive words and encouragement, THANK YOU! for caring and for your confidence in my abilities. It’s nice knowing you’re in my corner! ~SharonGayle

Below are a few candid backstage shots. Professional photographs to come!

Nicole and I.

My Angel Pat.

Caught of guard, seriously!

Taking advantage of downtime.

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RESULTS: All Natural Options INBF Naturalmania Super Pro-Q.

by Sharon Gayle September 20, 2011

2011 All Natural Options INBF Naturalmania Super Pro-Q.

September 17, 2011 | New York, NY

Womens Physique

Masters Figure - Points
1st Dina Taylor - 6
2nd Danielle Messino - 9
3rd Maureen Meglio - 15
4th Debbie Prantil - 20

Open Figure
1st Ashley Drews - 15
2nd Wendy Spencer - 16
3rd Randi Alejandro - 19 (Tie Breaker)
4th Michelle Price - 19
5th Alesya Waskas - 20
6th Sara Wittenbury - 23
7th Frederica Lovelace - 34
8th Dina Taylor - 40
9th Danielle Messineo - 43
10th Lori Marcus - 51
11th Yulie Rodriguez-Smith - 53
12th Rebecca Jefferson - 57
13th Maureen Meglio - 61
14th Debbie Prantil - 70

Ms. Fit Body
1st Michelle Price - 5
2nd Frederica Lovelace - 11
3rd Ashley Drew - 16
4th Rebecca Jefferson - 19

Womens Bodybuilding

1st Kristin Fronseca - 1
2nd Cynthia Mustafa - 12
3rd Ruth Bush - 14
4th Jennifer Wojcieski 18

1st Suzanne Shadeed - 5
2nd Donna Trobica - 10
3rd Tiffany Jackson - 15

Mens Bodybuilding

Overall winner – Matthew Norman*

Masters Men over 40. Points
1st Kennard Ray Little - 5
2nd Jeff Girard - 10
3rd Eugene Hart -17
4th Fred Burriss - 18
5th George McElveen - 26

Masters Men over 50. Points
1st Jimmy Sentman - 8 (Tie Breaker)
2nd James Webb - 8
3rd Richard Elliott - 14
4th Willie Langley - 20

Open Men

Bantam weight
1st Matt Soeder - 7
2nd Jerman Edwards - 9
3rd Tryone Robinson - 15
4th Joe Hartfelder - 23
5th Brett Freeman - 24
6th Nicholas Yasinsky - 29

1st Anthony Langevin - 5
2nd Jeff Girard - 10
3rd Michael Charles - 19
4th Eric Seyfried - 20
5th Eric Mills - 24
6th Robert Leo - 30
7th Joe Ammarito - 35
8th Evan Marcantionio - 40
9th Eric Paul Ruiz - 46
10th Leroy Hopkins - 56
11th Matthew Norman - 57
12th Fred Burriss - 60
13th Louis Salvatore - 61
14th Francisco Bianco - 67
15th Richard Elliot - 74

1st Chris Casazza - 5
2nd Herby Servel - 10
3rd John Schuch - 14
4th Mark Storti - 21
5th Rey Ramos - 24

1st Philip Swing - 5
2nd Chris Thomas - 11
3rd Omar Carter - 14
4th Justin Vitrano - 20
5th Curt Williams - 27
6th Scott Losche - 28
7th Ralph Trammell - 35
8th Willie Langley - 40

1st Kennard Ray Little - 6
2nd Haras Karimi - 9
3rd David Richardson - 15
4th Bryce Bahm - 20
5th Fritz Luxama - 25
6th Nicholas Liquori - 33
7th Philipp Rauscher - 34
8th Donald Perceval – 37

No Competitor Photographs available.
* = Overall Winner
INBF - Official Scoring

RESULTS: 2011 WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

by Sharon Gayle September 20, 2011

WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

September 17, 2011 | New York, NY
Placement and Scores


Pro Figure Short:
Overall winner: Karen Monetti - 6 points $1000*
2nd Njeri McGill - 14 points $200
3rd Kristi Kilhullen - 15 points $100
4th Melissa Joy - 19 points
5th Tracie Euker - 33 points
6th Candice McField - 34 points
7th Tara Martin 38 - points
8th Shalom Singer - 40 points
9th Natalie Benjamin - 42 points
10th Paula Franklin - 44 points
11th Tara Marie Segundo - 50 points
12th Lisa Catrett - 51 points

Pro Figure Tall:
1st Amy Llinas Lynch - 9 points $500
2nd Jacqueline Zediker - 12 points $200
3rd Mary Bell - 16 points $100
4th Liz Marcantonio - 17 points
5th Alicia Meredith - 32 points
6th Jennifer Mosler - 35 points Tie Breaker for 6th
7th Suzanne Barlas - 35 points
8th Sharon Gayle - 39 points Tie Breaker for 8th
9th Nicole Papachristos - 39 points
10th Sherri Caraccia - 41 points
11th Diane Van Deusen - 55 points
12th Danna Kratz - 56 points

Pro Fit Body:
Overall Winner: Liz Marcantonio - 7 points $1000*
2nd Melissa Scott - 8 points $300
3rd Wendy Spencer - 18 points $200
4th Candice McField - 26 points
5th Ava Diamond - 27 points
6th Tracie Eurker - 28 points Tie Breaker for 6th
7th Suzanne Barlas - 28 points
8th Melissa Joy - 39 points
9th Tara Marie Segundo - 46 points
10th Diane Van Deusen - 47 points

Pro Women's Bodybuilding:
Overall Winner: Kathy Unger - 5 points $1000*
2nd Valerie Worrell - 11 points $300
3rd Jacqueline Weber - 17 points $200
4th Irhassette McClean - 18 points
5th Melissa Scott - 24 points
6th Daisy Williams Mangieri - 36 points
7th Cheryl Glattacker - 40 points
8th Candice Scott - 41 points
9th Gwen Hansen - 42 points

Best Body:
Overall Winner: Lindsay Farrington - 8 points $500*
2nd Lupe Lomeli - 12 points $200
3rd Karen Monetti - 15 points $100
4th Christine Zeppieri - 19 points Tie Breaker for 4th
5th Tamara Brod - 19 points
6th Kristi Kulhullen - 25 points
7th Suzanne Barlas - 28 points
8th Kristen Sama - 29 points
9th Sherri Caraccia - 33 points
10th Jen Marcione - 35 points
11th Yulie Rodriguez - Smith 42 points
12th Marygrace Scarpelli - 58 points



1st Vaughan Twigger - 7 points $1000*
2nd Jim Cordova - 10 points $300
3rd Tim Pitka - 15 points $200
4th Joe Farese - 19 points
5th Adam Napoli - 27 points
6th Ulysses Fowler - 31 points
7th Wilfred Vidro - 36 points
8th Gary Masington - 38 points
9th Rolando Sedra Jr. - 44 points

Overall Winner: Kurt Weidner - 5 points $1500*
2nd Adrain Hope - 12 points $300
3rd Kevin Lofy - 13 points $200
4th Robert Peacock - 21 points
5th Dan Iatomasi - 24 points
6th Rawle Greene - 29 points
7th Sharif Reid - 37 points
8th Akinyemi Damola - 39 points
9th David Nall - 44 points

Mr. Fitness:
Overall Winner: Pean Saliasi - 11 points $1000*
2nd Volodymyr Ukrainets - 16 points $600 Tie Breaker for 2nd
3rd Anthony Monetti - 16 points $500
4th Kevin Lofy - 18 points
5th Dan Iatomasi - 28 points Tie Breaker for 5th
6th Nicholas Liquori - 28 points
7th Scott Losche - 33 points
8th David Nall - 36 points
9th Jeff Hansen - 38 points
10th Alfonzia Jones - 41 points

No competitor photographs available.
* = Overall Winner
WNBF – Official Scoring

Stats & Facts: Preventable Health Disparities.

by Sharon Gayle September 19, 2011

Health Disparities and Racial / Ethnic Minority Groups

Periodically I will choose to cover an issue for which my own words cannot fully amplify the severity of the situation. In these instances, where permitted, I will simply pull the entire article for your review and educational benefit. The following is one such issue / concern. Following is the article is provided courtesy of the
CDC, Centers for Disease Control.

Photograph, courtesy of CDC.

Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations. Disparities often begin early in life, starting during childhood or adolescence.
Young people from racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States suffer disproportionately from a number of preventable diseases and health problems. For example:
  • Compared with white youth, black and Hispanic youth have higher prevalence’s of asthma, overweight, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Rates of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy are higher among black and Hispanic youth than among whites of the same age.
  • In 2007, black youth accounted for approximately 68% of new HIV/AIDS cases among 13–19 year olds, even though they represented only 15% of the population in that age group.
  • Hispanic youth experience proportionately more anxiety-related behaviors and depression than do non-Hispanic white youth.
  • Among youth aged 10–19 years, American Indians have the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes of any racial/ethnic group.
  • Suicide rates among American Indians/Alaska Natives aged 15–34 years are more than two times higher than the national average for that age group.

Contributors to Health Disparities

The causes of these differences in health — known as "health disparities" — are many. Poverty, unequal access to health care, poor environmental conditions, educational inequalities, individual behaviors, and language barriers are all important contributors.
Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health experienced by socially disadvantaged populations.
These disparities are inequitable and directly related to the historical and current unequal distribution of social, political, economic, and environmental resources.
In addition to race and ethnicity, health disparities also exist on the basis of sex, age, income level, geography, sexual orientation, disability, and special health care needs.
To address health disparities, early intervention is key. Most of the leading causes of illness and premature death among minority youth and adults stem from unhealthy behaviors that become established during childhood and adolescence—such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, risky sexual behaviors, and use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Findings from a National Survey of Youth

To learn more about the health-related behaviors of our nation's young people — their eating and exercise habits, their drinking and drug use, their sexual activities, and more — CDC conducts the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This survey is given every two years to 9th–12th grade students in public and private schools across the United States.
Demographic data are also collected through this survey to help researchers analyze trends by age, sex, and race/ethnicity.
The findings from this national youth survey have contributed greatly to our understanding of racial/ethnic disparities in health. CDC has prepared two reports that summarize the survey data and identify important differences in health-related behaviors among black, Hispanic, and white youth in the United States
The reports give demographic profiles for blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. and outline important health and behavioral differences among adolescents in the following areas:
  1. Injury, violence, and suicide attempts;
  2. Sexual risk behaviors, such as condom use, number of partners, and age of first sexual intercourse;
  3. Alcohol and other drug use;
  4. Obesity and unhealthy dietary behaviors;
  5. Physical activity; and
  6. Tobacco use.
CDC's Division of Adolescent Health also suggest actions that public health and education professionals can take to address disparities among students, including:
  • Focusing programmatic efforts to address the needs of youth in high risk groups.
  • Raising awareness about the causes of disparities and about evidence-based strategies for addressing them.
  • Building partnerships to address the root causes of health and educational disparities.
  • Documenting the impact of health disparities, as well as the impact of efforts to reduce them.
Entire Source and Data: Center for Disease Control and Prevention - cdcinfo@cdc.gov
All photographs provided courtesy of CDC.

Sharon competing at the 2011 Champion Nutrition WNBF Pro Universe Championships

by Sharon Gayle September 13, 2011

Dear GayleFORCE Friends,

You are cordially invited to the

 2011 Champion Nutrition WNBF Pro Universe

(held in conjunction with the INBF Naturalmania).
Saturday 17th September, 2011, New York City, NY.

Personal Invitation & Event Details

Sharon at the 2010 Natures Best WNBF Pro World Championships.

I will be competing in the Pro. Figure segment of this event. Please note that this is one (1) event broken into two (2) parts. Prejudging / Morning and Finals-Awards / Evening.
You can come to either or both. Just be there with positive energy and support!!!
 ~Sharon Gayle


*WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (Professional Division)
**INBF - International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (Amateur Division)

GayleFORCE Quote of the day!

by Sharon Gayle September 13, 2011

Positive Thinking... Begets Positive Outcomes...

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." ~Churchill