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2011 - WNBF Pro Masters Cup - Results

by Sharon Gayle October 25, 2011

WNBF Pro Masters Cup Results

October 15, 2011 - Poughkeepsie, NY.

Promoter: Matt Johnson


WNBF Pro Masters Men Over 40 Lightweights
1st – Anthony Langevin ($1000)
2nd – Joe Farese ($500)
3rd – Harvey Cyphers ($250)
4th – Will Vidro
5th – Ivor Brown

WNBF Pro Masters Men Over 40 Heavyweights
Overall Winner – Greg Rando ($1500)*
2nd – Paul Iatomasi ($500)
3rd – Gerry Ruck ($250)
4th – Duane Ball
5th – Kyle Kroll

WNBF Masters Men Over 50
Overall Winner – William Neco ($500)
2nd – Jamie Sanchez
3rd – Andre Thompson
4th – Elix Camacho-Landrau
5th – Sam Felts

*Overall Winner

No photographs provided.

Source: WNBF.net - Event Results

Press: Healthy Trends in NYC - Sharon get a Thumbs Up!

by Sharon Gayle October 21, 2011

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Sharon Gayle, INBF World Figure Champion and WNBF Pro.


Courtesy: Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement

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by Sharon Gayle October 20, 2011

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VIDEO - Footage of 2010 Pro World Figure Championships!

by Sharon Gayle October 19, 2011


Video Footage of 2010 Pro World Figure Championships.

Sharon Gayle and fellow WNBF Pro. competitors contend for the 2010 Natures Best Pro World Champion title.

Check in regularly for additional videos ...Coming soon!

Sharon Gayle, WNBF Pro.


Courtesy: Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.


by Sharon Gayle October 12, 2011


October 08, 2011 | Evansville, Ind.
Promoted by The Diet Doc. Proceeds donated to The Shadow Foundation.

Placement and Prizes

WNBF Pro Figure
1st – Mary Bell $750
2nd – Jennifer Morakis $500
3rd – Sofia Rodriguez $250
4th – Philita Wentworth
5th – Candice McField
6th – Sarah Hunt
7th – Christine Owens
8th – Ashley Drew
9th – Suzanne Barlas
10th – Anne Glynn
11th – Danielle Small

WNBF Womens Bodybuilding
1st – Stephanie Foley $1000
2nd – Roanna Mc Clean $500
3rd – Becky Moore $250
4th – Deborah Day
5th – Shannon Maxwell

WNBF Mens Bodybuilding
1st – Vaughn Twigger $1000
2nd – Kurt Weidner $500
3rd – Robert Peacock $250
4th – Jim Collins
5th – Shawn Blassie
6th – Reggie Ruffin
7th – Kevin Lofy
8th – Tanner Parkes
9th – Seth Baugham

No competitor photographs available.
Scores provided by WNBF.