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Personal Message + Photo's of Sharon at the 2011 WNBF World Championships

by Sharon Gayle November 22, 2011

A Note from Sharon Gayle

Dear GayleFORCE Fitness Readers,

I thought it would be nice to report back to you on the 2011 WNBF World Championships with a selection of my favorite photographs and the added, personal touch of a short video below.

Up-close and personal with Sharon Gayle
Watch and listen-in here!

Due to popular demand by GayleFORCE Fitness readers and clients,  I will be including video presentations to the GayleFORCE Fitness Newsletter, Website, and BLOG.  I do believe the video's will be a great addition, and will allow me to expand on specific articles, discuss upcoming projects, announce events, and much more!  Enjoy! ~SG

Photographs of Sharon Gayle at the 2011 WNBF World Championships

Sharon Gayle - Stepping out confidently!

Sharon Gayle - Beaming!

Sharon Gayle - Looking good going and coming!

Sharon Gayle - During the T-Walk.

Sharon Gayle - Thanks to Byron for this great shot!

Sharon Gayle - Finals Gown Segment.

Sharon Gayle with her good friend Pat. Always at my side!

Sharon Gayle - Visible in a partial line-up during the Comparison Round.

Sharon Gayle - In transition.

Sharon Gayle - Composed!

I hope you liked this selection of images. It's been a long year, but one which I think culminated with my bringing a good look to the stage; in addition to gaining experience, and making great connections along the way.  Thanks again to all of you who sent in emails, called, and came out to support me at this years World Championships. ~Sharon Gayle 

All photographs courtesy of Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.

2011 INBF Ameteur World Championships - RESULTS

by Sharon Gayle November 21, 2011

2011 INBF Ameteur World Championships

November 12, 2011 | Martin Luther King Campaus, New York, NY.

Best Body Bikini Short
1st Angelina Mullins – Hoboken, NJ
2nd Tracey Staehle – Simsbury, CT
3rd Tamara N. Brod – Audubon, PA
4th Gina Sullivan – Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
5th Mary Warren – N. Babylon, NY
6th Veronica Thomas – Stamford, CT 7th Andrea Miele – Flushing, NY
8th Claire Morgan – Sydney, Australia
9th Elle Ip – Sydney, Australia
10th Prisca Maidlinger – Wetzikon, Switzerland
11th Robin Scott – New Rochelle, NY

Best Body Bikini Short
1st Donna Kratz – Seven Valleys, PA
2nd Jenine Ditzler – Niagra Falls, NY
3rd Alina Alexe – Switzerland
4th Grace Tohl – Adelaide, Australia
5th Petra Migani – Switzerland
6th Maureen Meglio – Melville, NY
7th Nina Fiedler – Frankfurt, Germany
8th Stephanie Gregory – Stratford, CT
9th Christine Cruz – Hempstead, NY

Women’s Bodybuilding
1st Anna Millington – West Yorkshire, England
2nd Vicky Turner – Victoria
3rd Shanique Green – Kingston Jamaica
4th Gwen Carbone – Victoria, Australia
5th Julie Sleight – Poughkeepsie, NY
6th Pam Kantzavelos – Adelaide, Australia
7th Ann Kuper – Dortmund, Germany
8th Darlene Tresca – Monroe, NJ

Open Figure Short
1st Sally Allgaier – Clarence, NY
2nd Jamie Scarlett – Avon, CT
3rd Randi Alejandro – Tannersville, PA
4th Tamara Brod – Audubon, PA
5th Natasha Knoll – Adelaide, Australia
6th Gina Sullivan – Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
7th Dana Cirlinceone – Monroe Twp, NJ
8th Maria Londono – Old Tappan, NJ
9th Veronica Thomas – Stamford, CT
10th Prisca Maidlinger – Wetzikon, Switzerland
11th Elle IP – Sydney, Australia
12th Olga Broit – Old Bridge, NJ
13th Julie Harris – Bellingham, MA
14th Jennifer Kaye – Marlboro, NJ
15th Robin Scott – New Rochelle, NY

Open Figure Tall
1st Vicky Canavan – Melborne, Victoria, Australia
2nd Charlotte Hailey – NSW, Australia
3rd Alina Alexe – Switzerland
4th Jessica Davies – Elwood, Victoria, Australia
5th Petra Migani – Wetzikon, Switzerland
6th Julie Edgley – East Melbourne, Australia
7th Nania Soliman – Palisades, NJ
8th Loretta Jara – Tappan, NY
9th Joane Theodore – Bridgeport, CT
10th Maureen Meglio – Melville, NY
11th Barbara Sreckovic – Wilton, CT
13th Jenny Saez – North Bergen, NJ
14th Stephanie Gregory – Stratford, CT

Ms. Fit Body Short
1st Natsha Knoll – Australia
2nd Sally Allgaier – Clarence, NY
3rd Samantha Draper – Kew, Victoria, Australia
4th Vicky Turner – Carrum, Vicotoria Australia
5th Lesley Maxwell – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
6th Penny Koster – Richmond, Victoria, Australia
7th Barbara Sreckovic – Wilton, CT
8th Julie Harris – Bellingham, MA
9th Louise Vu – Duy Ormond, Victoria, Australia

Ms. Fit Body Tall
1st Nadia Robertson – Mildura, Victoria, Australia
2nd Vicky Canavan – Victoria, Australia
3rd Charlotte Hailey – NSW, Australia
4th Deborah Marcy – Rochester, NY
5th Danielle Chambers – West Yorkshire, England
6th Jessica Davies – Elwood, Victoria, Australia
7th Kristy Ann Ray – Darwin, Australia
8th Julie Edgley – East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
9th Effie Quinones – Browns Mills, NJ

Teen Men
1st Tayarr Foust – Strattford, CT
2nd Samuel Swann – Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
3rd Jan Sopiak – Sarasota, FL

Masters Men Over 40 to 45
1st Martin Portner – Switzerland
2nd Paul Todd – London, England
3rd Jorgen Hohmann – Herborn, Germany
4th Akihiko Goto – Hatsukaichi, Japan
5th Eric Oksa – NSW, Australia
6th Giovvanni Petosa – Moehlin, Switzerland
7th Eugene Hart-Bklyn, NY
8th Alec Hilger – New Haven, CT
9th Tom Amr Bibars – Coram, NY

Masters Men Over 45
1st Peter Clark – Middlesex, England
2nd Robert Fulton – New Haven, CT
3rd Richard Elliott – Bridgeport, CT
4th Alberto Hernandez – East Stroudsburg, PA
5th Richard Testaccio – Staten Island, NY
6th Lance Downer – Phoenix, AZ

Masters Over 60
Lance Downer – Raeford, NC

Masters Men Over70
Ed Cole – Greeley, PA

1st Andrew Roberts – Adelaide, S. Australia
2nd Ian Duckett – West Yorkshire, England
3rd Urs Zumstein – Switzerland
4th Roman Kaegi – Switzerland
5th Akihiko Goto – Hatsukaichi, Japan
6th Nicholas Trickett – Warsaw, NY
7th Jay Orillaza – Bklyn, NY
8th Alexander Thomas – Germany
9th Jonathan Tabaka – Darwin, Australia
10th Ed Cole – Greeley, PA

1st Eric Seyfried – West Islip
2nd Matt Stolz – Davie, FL
3rd Jon Smyth – Newport Rd, Island
4th Nicolas Rojas Garcia – Heidelberg, Germany
5th Korey Gonzalez – Brooklyn, NY
6th Victor Velazquez – Port Chester, NY
7th Alberto Hernandez – East Stroudsburg, PA
8th Luis Aucay – Portchester, NY
9th Marco Cruezer – Switzerland
10th Richard Elliott – Bridgeport, CT
11th Gael Salvant – Elmont, NY
12th Rey Ramos – Orange, CT

1st Levi Burge – Kitty Hawk, NC
2nd Mark Oakes – Ruby, Warwickshire, UK
3rd Asif Javed – East Elmhurst, NY
4th Duncan Rankine – Kurrulta PK, South Australia
5th Paul Todd – London England
6th Peter Clark – Middlesex, England
7th Doug Sebes – Bala Cynwd, PA
8th Hector Delnido – Darwin, Australia
9th Leon Goldson – Bronx, NY
10th John Gioffre – Jersey City, NJ
11th Stephen Burke – Stratford, CT
12th Nicholson Joseph Jr. – Brooklyn, NY
13th Eric Matos Pichardo – Queens, NY

1st John Heaton – West Yorkshire, England
2nd Gavin Gibson – Bedfordshire, UK
3rd Sebastian Stitz – Switzerland
4th Martin Portner – Switzerland
5th Rodger Clarke – Peekskill, NY
6th Serreste Barton-Hossanah – Brooklyn, NY
7th Paul Kolbusz- Lake Grove, NY
8th Odell Purifoy – Brooklyn, NY
9th Eugene Hart-Bklyn, NY
10th Matthew Towers – Mount Sinai, NY
11th Tom Amr Bibars – Coram, NY
12th Alec Hilger- New Haven, CT

1st Evan Godbee-Sydney Australia
2nd Haris Karimi – College Point, NY
3rd Tishay Johnson – Windsor, CT
4th Robert Fulton – New Haven, CT
5th Erik Oksa- NSW, Australia
6th Philipp Rauscher- Metzingen, Australia

* Denotes an Overall Winner

No photographs provided.
Results provided by the WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation - 

2011 WNBF World Championships - Results

by Sharon Gayle November 21, 2011

2011 WNBF World Championships

November 12, 2011 | Martin Luther King Campus, New York, NY.

Here are the results you have been waiting for!


Overall Winner $2000 Karen Monetti – Somerville, NJ*
2nd $400 Liz Marcantonio-Worchester, MA
3rd $200 Kori Propst – Evansville, IN
4th Melissa Kelley – Grafton, MA
5th Melissa Scott – BKLYN, NY
6th Debbie Le Cuyur – Leominster, MA
7th Tara Martin – Whitestone, NY
8th Tracie Euker – Middletown, NY
9th Jennifer Helmke – Pomona, NY
10th Christine Oxley – Newburg, IN
11th Anne M. Glynn – Madison, WI
12th Nicole Papachristos – North Plainfield, NJ
13th Tara Mary Segundo – NYC
14th Natalie Benjamin – NYC
1st $1000 Nicole Markos
2nd $400 Tracey Rabbitt
3rd $200 Amy Linas Lynch
4th Jacqueline Zediker – Indianapolis, IN
5th Lesley Maxwell – Melbourne, Victoria
6th Sofia Rodriguez – San Antonio, TX
7th Jennifer Morakis -Youngston, Ohio
8th Donna Kratz – Seven Valleys, PA
9th Rozanne Pyper – Red Deer, Alberta Canada
10th Sharon Gayle – NYC
11th Sherri Caraccia – Bronx, NY
12th Annalisa Ghirotti – Cesena, Italy
13th Suzanne Barlas – Crownsville, MD
14th Frederica Lovelace – BKLYN, NY
15th Tamara Garvie – Calgary, Alberta


1st $1000 Brenda Rahe – Sheboygan, WI
2nd $600 Kristin Fonseca – Plymouth, MA
3rd $400Cara L. Normandeau – Holyoke, MA
4th Sheila Vieira – Falls River, MA
5th Claire Barrows – Bardbados
6th Karen Mason – Greenford, United Kingdom
7th Marina Cornwall – S. Hampton, England
8th Jacqueline Weber – Aberdeen, MD
9th Tracey Veregan – Milwaukee, WI
10th Deb Gudowicz – Green Bay, Wisconsin
11th Sherri Miller – St. Albert, Canada
1st $4000 Cheryl Myers – West Yorkshire England
2nd $600 Helen Stack – Slough, Berkshire, England
3rd $400 Toni West – Washington, PA
4th Kathy Unger – Norwood, NJ
5th Jennie Napoli – Jamesburg, NJ
6th Erin Duggan – Avon, CT
7th Stephanie Foley – Austintown, OH
8th Sharise Odunsi – Buffalo, NY
9th Kathy Mc Clare – Fairport, NY
10th Leslie Crook – Windham, NH
11th Roanna McLenahan – Lacombe, Alberta Canada
12th Claire Holston – Milford, NH


Overall Winner – $1000 Tracey Rabbitt*
2nd $500 Kori Propst – Evansville, IN
3rd $250 Kathy Mc Clare – Fairport, NY
4th Kristin Fonseca – Plymouth, MA
5th Melissa Kelley – Grafton, MA
6th Liz Marcantonio – Worchester, MA
7th Debbie LeCuyur – Leominster, MA
8th Melissa Scott – BKLYN, NY
9th Erin Duggan – Avon, CT
10th Marina Cornwall – South Hampton, England
11th Tracie Euker – Middletown, NY
12th Suzanne Barlas – Crownsville, MD
13th Rozanne Pyper – Red Deer, Alberta Canada
14th Christine Oxley – Newburgh, IN
15th Annalisa Ghirotti – Cesena, Italy
16th Natalie Benjamin – BKLYN, NY
17th Tara Marie Segundo – NYC
18th Fredricka Lovelace – BKLYN, NY


1st $1000 Lenardo Casagrande – Gubbio, Italy
2nd $750 Anthony Langevin – Hamilton, NJ
3rd $500 Enzo Nardino – San Severo, Italy
4th Ulysses Fowler – Fitchburg, MA
5th Shawn Blassie – Affton, MO
6th Ivor Brown – Bklyn, NY
7th Tony Ruffin – Suitland, MD
8th Patrick Harris – Barbados
9th Will Vidro – Hamden, CT
10th Akinobu Nakano – Kurosecho, Japan


1st $1000 Shevon Cunningham – NY
2nd $750 Greg Rando – Wakefield, MA
3rd $500 Brandon Greenwood – Halifax, UK
4th Vaughan Twigger – Christenburg, VA
5th Paul Itatomasi – Rochester, NY
6th Reggie Allen – Forestville, MD
7th Eric White – Chaplin, SC
8th Seth Baughman – INDPLS, IN
9th Joe Farese – Cranford, NJ
10th Paleari Francesco – Taramto, Italy
11th Charles Fuller – Buda, TX
12th Gilroy Jouavel – Grand Cayman
13th Adrain Hope – Canada
14th Wayne Palmer


Overall Winner $6000 Richard Gozdecki – England*
2nd Martin Daniels -Greenville, SC
3rd Kurt Weidner – Blacksburg, VA
4th Rodney Heliare – Pooler, GA
5th Robert Peacock – Cleveland, Ohio
6th Gerry Ruck – Manchester, CT
7th Bertrand Ndawele – Switzerland
8th Alun Davies – Wales, United Kingdom
9th William Morris – Barbados
10th Sharif Reid – Somerset, NJ
11th Philip Swing – Douglaston, NY
12th Don Robinson – Phoenix, AZ

* Denotes Overall Winner

No competitor photographs provid.
Results provided by WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. www.WNBF.net

2011 - UKDFBA (WNBF) Europe Pro Cup Results

by Sharon Gayle November 12, 2011


October 15, 2011 | United Kingdom, Europe

Overall Winner $3,000 – Andreas Plate* / Germany

2nd Place $2,000 – Miles Stovall / USA

3rd Place $1,000 – Bertrand Nwadele / Switzerland

4th Place – Daniel Gildner / Germany

5th Place – Wayne Braddock / United Kingdom

6th Place – Gerald Piel / USA

*Overall Winner

Source: UKDFBA.net - UKDFBA Europe Pro Cup 

2011 - U.K. Richard Gozdecki to Make Pro Debut!

by Sharon Gayle November 9, 2011

UKDFBA Championships

October 18, 2011 - United Kingdom

Richard Gozdecki won the Heavyweight and Overall UK title at the UKDFBA Championships in September and will be making his Pro debut at the 2011 World Championships.

Richard Gozdecki, Heavyweight and Overall in the UK at the UKDFBA Championships


Source: WNBF.net - Richard Gozdecki Wins!

2011 - WNBF Foreign Affiliate Coverage - Italy

by Sharon Gayle November 7, 2011

October 15, 2011 | Italy

NBFI President Sandro Ciccarelli and class winners at the 2011 NBFI Italian Championships.

WNBF.net - Foreign Affiliate Coverage

2011 WNBF Europe Pro Cup - Contest Report

by Sharon Gayle November 7, 2011

October 15, 2011 - Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany

By Berend Breitenstein

The first ever WNBF Europe Pro Cup was held in conjunction with the GNBF German Natural Bodybuilding Championships on October 15 in Brunsbüttel – a town near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Six WNBF pros competed in the premiere edition of the WNBF Europe Pro Cup.


  1. Andreas Plate / Germany (3.000$)
  2. Miles Stovall / USA (2.000$)
  3. Betrand Nwadele / Switzerland (1.000$)
  4. Daniel Gildner / Germany
  5. Wayne Braddock / United Kingdom
  6. Gerald Peil / USA

WNBF Europe Cup Overall Winner Andy Plate and GNBF President Berend Breitenstein at the GNBF Championships.

It was a tough battle for victory between the undefeated GNBF Overall German Champion 2008 and 2011, Andy Plate and multiple World Champion Miles Stovall from the United States. Andy gave his WNBF Pro debut at this contest and he showed rock hard muscularity that edged out Miles’ beautiful lines and full muscles for first place finish. Miles presented an excellent shape but seems a bit softer than in comparison to when he is at his best. The stage where full of energy as these two champions stand next to each other gunning for the winner trophy as well as for the $3,000 check that was handled out for first place.

In the end, Andy won by unanimous decision and Miles placed a strong second and took home $2,000.? Bertrand Nwadele from Switzerland presented a very aesthetic body with pleasing lines and massive and full muscles. He took third place and $1.000 in prize money.

Daniel Gildner just won the GNBF middleweight class at his first participation as an athlete at a bodybuilding contest this same evening and decided to give his Pro Debut at the WNBF Europe Pro Cup shortly afterwards. This 23-year-old young guy showed a very balanced physique and tight muscularity. A well deserved fourth place finish for him. Wayne Braddock from the United Kingdom took fifth place with a pleasing physique, ahead of Gerald Peil from the US, who was in excellent condition and rounded out this field of six high class WNBF Pros competing at the 1st WNBF Europe Pro Cup.

The WNBF Europe is looking forward to 2012 to stage the second annual WNBF Europe Pro Cup! Visit
www.wnbf-europe.eu for full contest coverage and lots of photos.

Source: WNBF.net - WNBF Europe Pro Cup

2011, INBF Tri-State Bodybuilding & Figure Championships - Results

by Sharon Gayle November 6, 2011

2011 INBF Tri-State Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

October 29, 2011


Masters Men Bodybuilding (Over 40)
1st – Derrick Barthol
2nd – Todd Redman

Masters Women Figure (Over 40)
1st – Tina Maier
2nd – Karen Gabbard
3rd – Stephanie Hudson
4th – Beth Simpson

Women’s Open Bodybuilding
1st – Lindsey Bundy*
2nd – Bethy Ramey
3rd – Tracey Briggs
4th – Caitlin Rudge
5th – Julianne Scarano

Ms. Fit Body
1st – Wendy Spencer*
2nd – Christine Oxley
3rd – Sara Hunt
4th – Heather Cech
5th – Tonia Ward
6th – Karen Gabbard
7th – Summer Denny
8th – Beth Simpson

Novice Figure
1st – Liza Steinmann
2nd – Melanie Craft
3rd – Lisa Barefield
4th – Taylor Temnick
5th – Ginger Boone
6th – Jennifer Lykins

Women’s Open Figure – Short Class
1st – Sara Hunt*
2nd – Wendy Spencer
3rd – Tina Maier
4th – Heather Cech
5th – Crystal Eddy
6th – Karen Gabbard
7th – Stephanie Hudson

Women’s Open Figure – Tall Class
1st – Tonia Ward
2nd – Jamison Bays
3rd – Constance Petot
4th – Summer Denny
5th – Amy Shaw

Men’s Open Bodybuilding – Bantamweight Class
1st – Eric Gibson
2nd – Matthew Soeder
3rd – Kyle Burnet
4th – Lee Goodrick

Men’s Open Bodybuilding – Lightweight Class
1st – Bradley Hess
2nd – Zack Sizemore
3rd – Logan Hess
4th – Tim Fiedeldey
5th – Aaron Feldman

Men’s Open Bodybuilding – Middleweight Class
1st – Tanner Parks*
2nd – Justin Draper
3rd – David Broome
4th – Todd Redman
5th – Nick Markins

Men’s Open Bodybuilding – Light Heavyweight Class
1st – Markandeya Bradley
2nd – Derrick Barthol
3rd – Scott Duncan
4th – Eric Hemphill
5th – Jesse Mascotti

Men’s Open Bodybuilding – Heavyweight Class
1st – Pharin Willis
2nd – Brodey Mann

*Denotes WNBF Rookie Pro Card and Overall Winner

No contestant photographs provided.

Source: WNBF.net - 2011 TriState Results

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by Sharon Gayle November 1, 2011


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Courtesy: Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.

2011 - INBF NYS Championships - Results

by Sharon Gayle November 1, 2011

INBF NYS Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

October 15, 2011 - Poughkeepsie, NY.

Promoter: Matt Johnson


Division: Women Figure Short
1st – Lisa DiPasquale
2nd – Julie Branham
3rd – Gina Sullivan
4th – Tracy Torres
5th – Maureen Strom
6th – Jessica Horne
7th – Nicole Lugo
8th – Jessica Roberts
9th – Lisa Sgobbo
10th – Michelle Lemme

Division: Women’s Figure Medium
1st – Lora Giannoulis
2nd – Terri Sileno
3rd – Rebcca Eisenman
4th – Stacy Dilbone
5th – Frederica Lovelace
6th – Nahla Soliman
7th – Rachel Theisen
8th – Silvia Sanchez
9th – Karen Shoulette

Division: Women’s Figure Tall
1st – Joanna Dara
2nd – Shannon Lee Kanoff
3rd – Maureen Meglio
4th – Elaine Mack
5th – Jennifer Roccabruna
6th – Jessica Karalus
7th – Bernadette Fitch


***Women’s Figure Overall Champion & WNBF PRO CARD Winner: Lisa DiPasquale.

Division: Women’s Figure Masters Over 40
1st – Maureen Strom
2nd – Lisa DiPasquale (WNBF Pro Card)
3rd – Terri Sileno
4th – Victoria Loverchio
5th – Maureen Meglio
6th – Elaine Mack
7th – Bernadette Fitch
8th – Sharon Ipavitch
Division: Women’s Bodybuilding Hvyweights
1st – Pauline Nelson (WNBF Pro Card)
2nd – Donna Trobia
3rd – Julie Sleight
4th – Arleen Larkin
5th – Melissa Naegeli
6th – Morgan Smith
Division: Women’s Bodybuilding Masters Over 40
1st – Pauline Nelson
2nd – Melissa Naegeli
3rd – Arleen Larkin 
Division: Men’s Masters Over 40 Lightweights
1st – Eric Rodriguez
2nd – Jose Monge
3rd – Joseph Rosato
4th – John Bruno
5th – Eugene Hart
6th – Mark Storti
7th – Louis Devliegher
Division: Men’s Masters Over 40 Hvyweights
1st – Victor Reese
2nd – Michael Stephens
3rd – Mark Houghton
4th – Mike McFarlin
5th – Stephonne Reeves
6th – Anthony Lilley
7th – Carlos Campo
Division: Men’s Masters Over 50
1st – Jose Mange
2nd – Fred Borzumato
3rd – Dennis Swetz
4th – Peter Mobijon
5th – Wayne Barringer
Division: Men’s Masters Over 60
1st – Dennis Swetz
2nd – Jon Winsch
3rd – Ronald Montalto
4th – Bob Howard
5th – Lou Morganti
6th – Steven Dreganchuck
7th – Martin Rogers
****Men’s Masters Overall Winner & WNBF PRO CARD winner is Eric Rodriguez.
Division: Teenage Men (13-19)
1st – David Stranzl
2nd – Matthew Paolillo
3rd – Landon Ingraham
4th – Steven Sabella
5th – Morgan Latenoff
Division: Women’s Best Body Bikini ($500 1st place Cash Prize)
1st – Melissa Scott
2nd – Nicole Lugo
3rd – Alexa Jaye Ginsbard
4th – Lisa Sgobbo
5th – Gina Sullivan
6th – Joanne Dara
7th – Brittany Parrett
8th – Laken Flynn 
Division: Men’s Novice Lightweights
1st – Dimitar Dimitrov
2nd – Landon Ingraham
3rd – Bobby Schoonmaker
4th – Peter Mobijon
5th – Mike Jobs
6th – Andrew Buccitelli
7th – Bob Howard
Division: Men’s Novice Middleweights
1st – Anthony Velez
2nd – John Perrault
3rd – Andrew Rowback
4th – Derek DiMasio
5th – Lance Greyson
6th – Mark Spinelli
Division: Men’s Novice Hvyweights
1st – Mike McFarlin
2nd – Carlos Campo
3rd – Pat Harding
4th – Matthew Garry
5th – Wayne Barringer
****Men’s Novice Overall winner is Dimitar Dimitrov.
Division: Men’s Juniors age 19-23
1st – Mark Davis
2nd – Derek DiMasio
3rd – David Stranzel
4th – Dylan Chalmers
5th – Nicholas Milton
6th – Andrew Rowback
7th – Jarrettt Sears
8th – Bobby Schoonmaker
9th – Landon Ingraham
10th – Mark Spinelli
11th – Michell Hopper
12th – Lance Greyson

Division: Women’s Fit Body
1st – Lora Giannoulis (WNBF Pro Card)
2nd – Terri Sileno
3rd – Tracy Torres
4th – Syndi Maldonado
5th – Jessica Roberts
6th – Fredrica Lovelace
7th – Jessica Horne
8th – Shannon Lee Kanoff
9th – Michelle Lemme

Division: Men’s Open Lightweight Bodybuilding
1st – Germaine Edwards
2nd – Mark Davis
3rd – Joseph Rosatto Jr.
4th – Brice Yves
5th – Peter Dene
6th – Jefferey Oriliazo
7th – Fred Borzumato
8th – Bobby Schoonmaker
9th – Louis DeVliegher
Division: Men’s Open Middleweight Bodybuilding
1st – Amery Walker
2nd – Eric Rodriguez
3rd – Roger Clarke
4th – Joseph Nicholson Jr.
5th – Leighton Edwards
6th – Paul Kolbysz
7th – Louis Guarino
8th – John Bruno
9th – Kuang-Ying Chen
10th – Dylan Chalmers
11th – Mark Storti
12th – Richard Elliot
Division: Men’s Open Light-Hvyweight Bodybuilding
1st – Mark Houghton
2nd – Craig Lombardi
3rd – Stephonne Reeves
4th – Anthony Lilley
5th – Eugene Hart
6th – Ralph Trammel
Division: Men’s Open Hvyweight Bodybuilding
1st – Tishay Johnson
2nd – Haras Karimi
3rd – David Diggle
4th – Bryant Mauer
5th – Michael Stevens
6th – Jamie McDonald
7th – Leon Williams
****Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall Winner & WNBF PRO CARD winner is Germaine Edwards, 2011

No contestant photo's provided.

Source: WNBF.net - INBF NYS Results