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RESULTS: WNBF Pro & INBF Ameteur Universe Bodybuilding & Figure Competition

by Sharon Gayle June 26, 2012

Location: Browns Beach Barbados

Date: June 23, 2012

Promoters: Bernard Sealy and Ivor Worrell


WNBF Pro Universe Results


Pro Figure
1st Shalom Singer (Overall)

2nd Penny Seabolt
3rd Elizabeth Marcantonio
4th Lisa Di La Pasquale

Pro Women Bodybuilding
1st Valerie Worrell (Overall)
2nd Leslie Crook
3rd Kori Propst
4th Marian Worrell
5th Claire Barrow

Pro Masters Men
1st William Morris (Overall)
2nd Sam Felts
3rd Robert Yearwood

Pro Open Men (1 Class)
1st Martin Daniels (Overall Winner)
2nd Levi Burge
3rd Charles Fuller
4th Rawle Greene
5th Jim Collins
6th Rodney Gaines

INBF Barbados Amateur Universe Results

Amateur Figure
1st Angela Love

Amateur Women Bodybuilding
1st Sofia Forte

Amateur Masters Men
1st Patrick Harris
2nd Ezra Worrell

Amateur Open Men
1st Patrick Harris
2nd Ezra Worrell
3rd Jeffrey Gay
4th Gabrielle Tampellini


Courtesy: www.WNBF.net
Photographs: None provided.

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories...

by Sharon Gayle June 14, 2012

Coming Soon!

An exclusive line of one of a kind, custom-made competition suits and accessories for the Physique (World of Bodybuilding) Competitor! All items designed by yours truly, Sharon Gayle!


Image: Courtesy of Sharon Gayle / GayleFORCE™ Enterprise

Share Your Health and Fitness Story...Touch a Life!

by Sharon Gayle June 12, 2012

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Please submit your story’s (or fitness questions) to info@sharongayle.com. ~Sharon Gayle

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RESULTS: INBF Northeast Classic & WNBF Pro American

by Sharon Gayle June 8, 2012


June 2, 2012 in Marlborough, MA.

Promoter: Nancy Andrews

Judges: Dr. Rick Silverman (Head Judge), Jim Broderick, Jordan Chabinsky, Wendell Webb, John Yobst, Kim Nobrega, Laura Tourtellot, Julie Chapleau, and Cara Volpicelli




Pro Figure
1. Glory Billman
2. Penny Seabolt
3. Cyndy Bohn
4. Melissa Joy Dittmar
5. Tara Martin
6. Suzanne Barlas
7. Tina Perantino
8. Nadine Ianello
9. Monica Yarnall
10. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Fit Body
1. Kristin Fonseca
2. Tina Perantino
3. Cyndy Bohn
4. Melissa Joy Ditmar
5. Tammy Downes
6. Erin Duggan
7. Tricia Countie
8. Suzanne Barlas
9. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Women Bodybuilding
1. Erin Duggan
2. Kristin Fonseca
3. Tammy Downes
4.Leslie Crook
5. Tricia Countie
6. Theresa Maloney
7. Daisy Williams

Pro Men Lightweight
1. Ulysses Fowler
2. Alex Groumbas
3. Anthony Delgado
4. Chris Casazza
5. Sean Campbell
6. Antonio Bongiovanni
7. Eric Gibson
8. Patrick Ngoma

Pro Men Heavyweight
1. Francisco Montallegre (Overall Winner)
2. Levi Burge
3. Ray Little
4. Andy Kalinowski
5. Tim Pitka
6. Chris Applegate
7. Stu Yellin

Novice Bikini
1. Kaleigh O'Neil
2. Briane Corey
3. Roberta Texiera
4. Terin Draper
5. Katie keating
6. Kristen Gramazio
7. Daisy Sanchez
8. Kelly Bornstein
9. Jenna Marshall
1o. Rose Anderson
11. Christine Foti
12. Dianne Boisvert

Open Bikini
1. Sarah Meyer
2. Brittany Spearin
3. Lupe Lomeli
4. Lindsay Fitzgerald
5. Kristen Sama
6. Pam Trow
7. Tracey Staehle
8. Shannon Stanley
9. Natasha Linton
1o. Kate Pickett
11. Michelle Gergerian

Master's Bikini
1. Kelly Bornstein
2. Tracey Staehle
3. Donna Desper
4. Robyn Mays
5. Jen Jacek
6. Angela Averi
7. Judy Oliver
8. Christine Foti
9. Debbie Casey
10. Joanne Gianini

Novice Figure Short
1. Elisa Perez (Overall Winner)
2. Chloe Fellman
3. Andrea Kaligheri
4. Sherri Benedetto
5. Kate Pickett
6. Dianne Boisvert
7. Erica Gifford
8. Gia Davis Harrison
9. Amy Smith
10. Linda Julien

Novice Figure Medium
1. Terin Draper
2. Amy Beth Baron
3. Tracy Staehle
4. Michelle Gergerian
5. Kristin Stymiest
6. Rose Anderson
7. Donna Desper
8. Jeanine Dziama
9. Kellie Watts
10. Julie Ayotte
11. Debbie Casey
12. Judy Oliver
13. Jennifer Caron

Novice Figure Tall
1. Robyn Mays
2. Charlene Lyman
3. Jennifer Finch
4. Lisa Smith
5. Naomi Godfrey
6. Jennifer Burtt
7. Susan Sintros
8. Merideth Timony
9. Jenna Marshall

Novice Master's Figure Short
1. Amy Beth Baro
2. Tracey Staehle
3. Jeanine Dziama
4. Donna Desper
5. Sherri Benedetto
6. Gia Davis Harrison
7. Judy Oliver
8. Debbie Casey
9. Donna Johnson
10. Linda Julien
11. Lori Trueman

Novice Master's Figure Tall
1. Robyn Mays
2. Jennifer Napoliyano
3. Charlene Lyman
4. Jolanta Godwod
5. Lisa Smith
6. Susan Sintros
7. Naomi Godfrey
8. Shari Marsh
9. Debbie Burns

Classic Figure
1. Jolanta Godwod
2. Ida Messerman
3. Donna Johnson

Master's Figure
1. Benetta Taylor
2. Heather Sanford
3. Jennifer Jacek
4. Julie Harris
5. Beth Ann Hickey
6. Lisa Jackson
7. Linda Brodeur

Open Women's Lightweight Bodybuilding
1. Tammy Poirier (Overall Winner)
2. Armen Kevorkian
3. Dawn Brophy
4. Kandace Pardales
5. Jill Hetrick
6. Carolyn Gaurino
7. Laleh Talebian

Open Women's Middleweight Bodybuilding
1. Janet Esterkes (Additional WNBF Pro Card Winner)

2. Linda Mirabito
3. Janelle Arigo
4. Janet Wetzell Gieger
5. Melissa Naegeli
6. Poppy Gillingham
7. Amy Korim

Open Women's Heavyweight Bodybuilding
1. Isabelle Marois
2. An Labb
3. Lisa Kelly
4. Lynn Drehobl
5. Josie McClary
6. Natalie Lynch
7. Merilyn Pagen

Master's Women Bodybuilding (40-46 Years)
1. Tammy Poirier
2. Dawn Brophy
3. Janelle Arigo
4. Kandace Pardales
5. Josie McClary
6. Janet Wetzel Greger
7. Natalie Lynch
8. Poppy Gillingham
9. Laleh Talebian

Masters Women Bodybuilding (Over 46 Years)
1. Janet Esterkes
2. Armen Kevorkian
3. Linda Mirabito
4. An Labb
5. Lynn Drehobl
6. Lisa Kelly
7. Jill Hetrick
8. Carolyn Gaurino
9. Melissa Naegeli
10. Amy Korim

Fit Body Short
1. Jamie Scarlett (Overall Winner)
2. Isabelle Marois
3. Kandace Pardales
4. Chloe Fellman
5. Andrea Kaligheri
6. Julie Harris
7. Carolyn Gaurino

Fit Body Tall
1. Darcy Lapila
2. Dierra Pernell
3. Benetta Taylor
4.Kristin Stymiest
5. Karine Pilon
6. Debbie Burns
7. Beth Ann Hickey
8. Lisa Jackson
9. Kellie Watts

Master's Fit Body
1. Kandace Pardales
2. Josie McClary
3. Benetta Taylor
4. Janelle Arigo
5. Julie Harris
6. Beth Ann Hickey
7. Carolyn Gaurino
8. Debbie Burns
9. Linda Brodeur
10. Gia Davis Harrison
11. Lisa Jackson
12. Lori Trueman

Teen Bodybuilding
1. Zach Gonzalez

Junior Bodybuilding (Under 24 Years Old)
1. Justin Randall
2. Matt Klune
3. Eric Berner
4. Matt Wilbur
5. Zack Gonzalez
6. Michael Lambert
7. Leroi Rodriguez
8. Eddie O'Grady

Super Class Bodybuilding (Over 60 Years Old)
1. Reynolds Shepherd
2. Frank Clark

Grandmaster's Men Bodybuilding
1. Russell Young
2. Reynolds Shepherd
3. Frank Clark
4. John Wozniak

Master's Men Bodybuilding
1. Ramon Alicea
2. Will Smith
3. Don Ferrera
4. Brian Regan
5. Reynolds Shepherd
6. Davis Colonna
7. Kyle Libby
8. Cosmo Ferro
9. Jason Bouchard
10. Mark Storti

Novice Men Bodybuilding
1. Dwayne McClary
2. Jared Welcome
3. Matt Wilbur
4. Zachery Saad
5. Sarko Gergerian
6. David Colonna
7. Cosmo Ferro
8. Jason Bouchard
9. John Wozniak

Open Men Lightweight Bodybuilding
1. Don Ferrera
2. Justin Randall
3. Ramon Alicea
4. Phoung Dang
5. Andrew Cost
6. Carlos Silva
7. Mark Storto

Open Men Middleweight Bodybuilding
1. Jesse Wilson
2. Andrew Scott
3. Matt Klune
4. Reynolds Shepherd
5. Brian Regan
6. Zack Gonzalez
7. Eric Berner
8. Alfonso Mendoza

Open Men Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding
1. Jonathan Arnold
2. Vic Cuzzupe
3. Kevin Richards
4. Peter Munoz Bennett
5. Joel Bayas
6. Kurt Berner

Open Men Heavyweight
1. Will Smith
2. Russell Young
3. Donnie Talley
4. Michael Lambert
5. Joe Malinn

 Courtesy: www.WNBF.net
Photographs: None provided.

EVENT FOLLOW-UP! Teacher Preparatory School - Career Day

by Sharon Gayle June 2, 2012

Inspiring our Young People ...Preparing them for the Future!

Teachers Preparatory School Career Day.

Event Date: Wednesday 16th May, 2012

I have to say that I had a wonderful time presenting to the students at the Teachers Preparatory School Career Day. The students were extremely inviting and very pleasant. They were thrilled to hear from each of the guests presenting information regarding their professions and career choices; and really happy to be able use us as a sounding board to their own thoughts and the directions they are/were considering.

Me with Anastasia C. and Emmanuel B; both aspiring artists.

At the end of our presentation to our designated classes, the staff members and several students showed their appreciation to us for our participation in one of the most important days of the school year. Two students sang to us; Carmen Simone (Principal) thanked all of the professionals personally, and Ms. Reva Jamison (Head Counselor/Event Coordinator), spoke fondly of her Career Day experiences and meeting the individual Professionals.

Ivor Brown, Ms. Reva Jamison, and Myself, feeling very appreciated.

The two students with whom I am pictured, Anastasia C. and Emmanuel B, stepped up to give a few words on the "presenter that impacted them the most". I was so touched when they both indicated that I was that person.  It took all that I had to hold back the tears. I had no idea what they planned to do or say; so I was not prepared for such words of appreciation coming from two very young children. Both decided that they wanted to follow in my footsteps to study Graphic Design & Communications.

I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to speak to the students at the Teachers Preparatory School, and to have been able to help them to make the right choices for their future professions and careers. ~Sharon Gayle

Student Intern Farrah, having a little fun with Ms. Jamison

Photo's used courtesy of: Teacher Preparatory School.
All Rights Reserved.