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Sharon Gayle Wins Big!!! 2012 NPC Grand Prix

by Sharon Gayle October 18, 2012

Winning ...An Exhilarating and Heartwarming Experience!

1st Place Figure and 3rd Place Masters Figure

at the
NPC Grand Prix
Saturday 6th October, 2012 : Brooklyn, New York


 Yeah!!! Needless to say, I am thrilled to have done so well upon my return to the NPC (National Physique Committee). To have made an impression upon the Judges wearing one of my own designs from the GayleFORCE Suits Collection,
made it even more impacting!!!

Sharon Gayle taking 1st Place in Top-5

Saturday 6th October, 2012 was most definitely a good day! A big thank you to my friend Patricia for helping me prepare for Prejudging; Natalie for helping me prepare for Finals and calming my nerves with her wonderfully positive attitude and uplifting words. (Natalie, I am still blushing and so flattered by your “Statue” comment! You are too kind!) More thanks and hugs sent out to my beloved Mother, and friends for believing in me, and wanting only the best for me in my competitive career. And to all of the beautiful Competitors that I met on this day: Danny (Danielle), Victoria, Jalynn, Alix, Erika (and friend Erica - I hope I got that right:-), …THANK YOU for your kind words, compliments on my suit, and the huge HOORAH!!! that you all gave me when I came backstage with my trophies in hand. You all made this experience all the more touching, and memorable. THANK YOU! ~Sharon Gayle

Me, preparing for PreJudging.

Lightweight trophys ...love it!

FIGURE Top-5 Competitors.  Waiting to see how we've placed and take our positions on front stage.

Nervous, but composed.

Masters Figure Segment

Masters Top-5. I take 3rd Place.

Great group shot!

Close-up of Masters Top-5  Competitors.

Finals Entertainment

Mellie Mel was in the house stirring up the excitement!

Backstage Chilling ...Offers great photo ops!

The win was exhilarating, while the competitor camaraderie backstage in the tiny changing room, was heartwarming! Competitors pitched in to help each other, pointed out things that the other may have missed, and suggested remedies for the usual mishaps that happen throughout backstage preparation. Backstage changing rooms is where bonding takes place, and where new friendships are often forged!

Making the most of the time leading up to the Finals.

The dynamic trio ;-) ...Danielle, Me, and Victoria.

And as usual ...a girls got to look good coming and going in front of the Judges!


*Sharon is wearing “Pin Stripe Fiesta” from the GayleFORCE Competition Suit Collectio
GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories

GayleFORCE Competitition Suits Showcases Designs at WNBF Pro U.S. Cup

by Sharon Gayle October 9, 2012

Premiere Showcasing of GayleFORCE Brand

The Art of Competition!

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories was in the house, and in living color at the Fulton’s/WNBF Pro U.S. Cup & INBF Summer Explosion this past August 18th, 2012. This event was host to the premiere showcasing of the GayleFORCE Brand, which includes Women’s Figure and Bodybuilding Suits, Men’s Posing Trunks, Women’s Robes, GayleFORCE T-Shirts, and more.

Sharon Gayle, smiling for the camera's.

Smiling even more!

The competitor and guest turnout was great and GayleFORCE received a very warm welcome from all.  A wonderful beginning to what will be a bright and colorful future!

Profiling next to my designs.

Inquiring minds ...discussing the GayleFORCE Brand with a Competitor and Guest.

Post Prejudging... Competitors get a much-need break.
(L-R) Figure Competitor, Tiffany Jackson (INBF Bodybuilder), and Sharon Gayle.

Thank you Robert Fulton for having me! The GayleFORCE Banner on the podium ...nice move :-)

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the following wonderful people for lending a helping hand when they could: Jada Hooks-Wilson, Patrick Lawrence (and friend on crutches ;-), Denise Richardson, Clarence Thomas, Benetta Taylor (much love and hugs for keeping me company throughout the day), John (for coming to the rescue at the end of the event), and anyone else that I might have missed. Thank you to all of the stunning competitors and guests who stopped by to say hello and check out GayleFORCE Suits. It so was nice to finally meet many of my FB Friends. I truly appreciate all of your compliments and kind words.

See you all again soon ...on and off the stage!

Sharon Gayle
GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories
The Art of Competition!

Motivational - Small Steps ...Big Strides!

by Sharon Gayle October 2, 2012

GayleFORCE Motivational

One step closer to your goals...

How badly do you want the sweet taste of victory?  It's not easy to overcome ones fears or insecurities, but to do so requires a first step! Where it's losing a few pounds or hiking in the Himalayas; you have to take one small step in the direction that brings you closer to your goals. So BELIEVE in Yourself ...IGNORE the DOUBTS! Move forward so that you may enjoy the well-deserved fruits of your labor! ~Sharon Gayle

Ahhhhh, the sweet taste of Victory!
(Please. ignore sp. error in pic. :-)


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