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GayleFORCE® Weekly Motivational

by Sharon Gayle November 25, 2015

Be the Driving FORCE!

Don't Give Up

It isn't always easy, but you cannot reach your goal(s) if you give up now. Just DO IT! And be proud of the little steps you're taking right now. :-)

Leading by Example!™

SHOUT OUT TO: Melissa Brock - A Winners Mindset...

by Sharon Gayle November 10, 2015

Shout-Out to Melissa Brock.

A Winners Mindset!

Congratulations to Melissa Brock on her debut 4th Place placement in both Masters and Open Figure at the Georgia SNBF Grande Finale PRO-Amateur | Nov.7th 2015.

Melissa was a proven winner long before she made her recent debut as a Figure Competitor. In less than 1-year Melissa Brock lost just over 45lbs. After losing the weight Melissa decided to further challenged herself. A firehouse of energy and positivity; Melissa knew that by correcting her eating habits, integrating a fitness routine, and seeking the right resources, she could take her newly formed physique to another level.  With this mindset, Melissa chose to compete for the first time at the SNBF Grande Finale (World Championships) in Suwannee, GA. and walked away smiling from ear to ear with not one, but two trophies in hand.

I am so proud of Melissa, and thrilled that she chose First Impressions™ by GayleFORCE® to assist her in her posing and stage preparation.

With such determination and drive, there is no doubt that you will be seeing a lot more of Melissa Brock on stage and in the spotlights!

Melissa Brock, 4th Place and Proud!


Photograph: Courtesy of Melissa Brock.
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Introducing "First Impressions™ by GayleFORCE®"

by Sharon Gayle November 5, 2015

Posing & Stage Preparation.

Because you only have one chance to make a 1st Impression!


Succeeding as a Competitor is no easy task. 100% Dedication and Focus is absolutely necessary to stand out on stage. To impact the judges you must be:

Captivating in Stage Appearance | Graceful in Movement | Present a Flawless Package

Group Classes start Saturday 21st November, 2015

It's been in the making for quite some time, and with the constant and persistent requests of my clients, it's finally here! I consider it an honor and total thrill, to be able to offer First Impressions™ by GayleFORCE® to my Atlanta, GA. clients; and to all those who desire to make a unforgettable first impression on the stage.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for seeing the need, believing in me, and not giving up until you got what you wanted! ~SharonGayle


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