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Happiness - An Inside Job!

by Sharon Gayle May 30, 2018

The Recipe for Happiness

The Main Ingredient ...YOU.

Good HEALTH starts from the inside out. It begins with the MIND- Choosing to set your priorities, putting your health first. Followed by an understanding that you truly are what you EAT. Fat begets fat; therefore, choose to eat healthfully. WORKOUT- Incorporate some form of fitness & weight-bearing routine into your life, the majority of days of the week. MUSCLE- aides in burning additional calories and creates STRENGTH. PRIORITIZE- your mind and body over all things. Life is a little easier, and more enjoyable when you are functioning at your best, and LOVE- who YOU are! ~Sharon Gayle

Remembering Memorial Day!

by Sharon Gayle May 26, 2018

"A Hero...

is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."
- Joseph Campbell


Mind Over Body...

by Sharon Gayle May 26, 2018

Push Forward...

Envision a better mental and physical YOU!



by Sharon Gayle May 23, 2018

Summer is almost here...

Let's get you looking and feeling your best!


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CDC announces Arthritis on the rise...

by Sharon Gayle May 18, 2018

Arthritis on the Rise

Alarming Statistics Presented

About 53 million U.S. adults have arthritis. However, the number of men and women with arthritis is growing and expected to reach more than 78 million in 2040, according to a new CDC study.

Learning what to do so you feel your best with arthritis, and being active are recommended for people with arthritis.

Arthritis Increases

CDC estimates that the number of men and women with arthritis will increase almost 49% to more than 78 million in 2040. About half of those with arthritis are working age adults—age 18 to 64 years.

In this just released study, an estimated 34 million adults will be limited in their usual activities because of their arthritis in 2040, an increase of 52%.

Impact of Increased Arthritis

As the number of people with arthritis increases, their need for special medical care will grow as well. Providers who are experts in arthritis, like rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons, may be harder to find and expensive. In addition, programs like Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare will also be impacted by the growing number of arthritis patients. Contine reading...


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