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GayleFORCE Joins the Henry County Chamber of Commerce

by Sharon Gayle April 13, 2017

A Proud Member of the HCCC

Driving our GayleFORCE® Mission Forward...

We are proud to announce that on April 13th 2017, GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance became a member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to be a member of the Chamber, and look forward to servicing the Henry County Community. It is our mission to make a personal, and positive impact, on each and every life that we touch!

Henry County Chamber of Commerce Logo


Henry County Chamber of Commer Logo
Image Courtesy of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce

BREAKING NEWS! All New GayleFORCE Metro NY Competition.

by Sharon Gayle January 23, 2015

GayleFORCE Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships

Breaking Ground in New York!

A not to be missed event!

Sharon Gayle | GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement
are proud to be the Promoter and Facilitator of the GayleFORCE Metro NY. Bodybuilding & Physique Championships

This event is sanctioned by the OCB| Organization of Competition Bodies. The OCB is the Ameteur Affilliate of the the IFPA and is one of is the leading natural bodybuilding federations in the United States, with affiliate federations located throughout the world.

OCB | IFPA Competitions are 100% drug-free. All OCB Competitors are drug-tested and must be 7-Years drug free to enter an event.

Sharon Gayle
GayleFORCE® Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement
Leading by Example!


Poster Design by GayleFORCE Desingn©
OCB | Organiation of Competion Bodies - Official Website
IFPA | International Federation of Physique Athletes - Official Website

GayleFORCE Competitition Suits Showcases Designs at WNBF Pro U.S. Cup

by Sharon Gayle October 9, 2012

Premiere Showcasing of GayleFORCE Brand

The Art of Competition!

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories was in the house, and in living color at the Fulton’s/WNBF Pro U.S. Cup & INBF Summer Explosion this past August 18th, 2012. This event was host to the premiere showcasing of the GayleFORCE Brand, which includes Women’s Figure and Bodybuilding Suits, Men’s Posing Trunks, Women’s Robes, GayleFORCE T-Shirts, and more.

Sharon Gayle, smiling for the camera's.

Smiling even more!

The competitor and guest turnout was great and GayleFORCE received a very warm welcome from all.  A wonderful beginning to what will be a bright and colorful future!

Profiling next to my designs.

Inquiring minds ...discussing the GayleFORCE Brand with a Competitor and Guest.

Post Prejudging... Competitors get a much-need break.
(L-R) Figure Competitor, Tiffany Jackson (INBF Bodybuilder), and Sharon Gayle.

Thank you Robert Fulton for having me! The GayleFORCE Banner on the podium ...nice move :-)

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the following wonderful people for lending a helping hand when they could: Jada Hooks-Wilson, Patrick Lawrence (and friend on crutches ;-), Denise Richardson, Clarence Thomas, Benetta Taylor (much love and hugs for keeping me company throughout the day), John (for coming to the rescue at the end of the event), and anyone else that I might have missed. Thank you to all of the stunning competitors and guests who stopped by to say hello and check out GayleFORCE Suits. It so was nice to finally meet many of my FB Friends. I truly appreciate all of your compliments and kind words.

See you all again soon ...on and off the stage!

Sharon Gayle
GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories
The Art of Competition!

IN THE PRESS: Martin Daniels Joins GayleFORCE

by Sharon Gayle August 12, 2012

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories

Sponsored Athlete – Martin Daniels

It is a pleasure and honor to announce that GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories has sponsored elite WNBF World Champion Heavyweight Bodybuilder, Martin DanielsMartin will be provided with a full Suit and Accessories Sponsorship, allowing GayleFORCE to outfit him for his upcoming competitions and editorials.

Martin Daniels, the epitome of Solid Discipline!

Martin Daniels started his competitive career in 2008 and has not looked back since. He has become a force to be reckoned with in the Natural Bodybuilding arena. In fact, some say he is the force!  During 3D Muscle Journey’s interview of Martin, he is quoted as saying “I’m a fierce competitor. I train like every workout is the last workout of my life. It’s something internal that drives me to be the best I can. I will not do a show unless I think I will win it ALL …I train with a grudge and a chip on my shoulder …My discipline no doubt comes from my mom.”*

Martins most recent competitive achievements are:

  • 2012 Mr. International - Overall
  • 2012 Universe - Overall
  • 2011 Worlds Heavyweight Class - 2nd place
  • 2010 Worlds - Overall
  • 2010 Mid America - Overall
  • 2010 Excalibur - Overall
  • 2009 Worlds - Heavyweight Class - Winner
  • 2008 Mid America - Overall
  • 2008 Southern Classic - Overall

We welcome Martin aboard and are proud to have such an accomplished athlete wearing the GayleFORCE Brand!

*Quote/Excerpt from: 3D Muscle Journey - Article Written & Interviewed by Alberto Nunez
Photo: By Jordan Samuels

GayleFORCE is a Co-Sponsor of Fulton’s WNBF Pro U.S

by Sharon Gayle August 9, 2012

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories

The Art of Competition!

Is proud to be a Co-Sponsor of the Fulton’s Fitness WNBF 2012 Pro U.S. Cup and INBF Extravaganza Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.
August 18th, 2012.


Come over to the GayleFORCE booth and say hello. Participate in the GayleFORCE Grand Opening Raffle, and take advantage of our Grand Opening Discounts!
Come out …ENJOY …and have some FUN!
I look forward to seeing you there! ~Sharon Gayle

Official Event Flyer

  • Date: Saturday 18th August, 2012
  • Time: 12-noon
  • Location:
    James Hill House High School
    480 Sherman Parkway, New Haven CT.
  • For more info: www.fultonsfitness.com

Image: Courtesy of Fulton's Fitness

2011 WNBF Europe Pro Cup - Contest Report

by Sharon Gayle November 7, 2011

October 15, 2011 - Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany

By Berend Breitenstein

The first ever WNBF Europe Pro Cup was held in conjunction with the GNBF German Natural Bodybuilding Championships on October 15 in Brunsbüttel – a town near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Six WNBF pros competed in the premiere edition of the WNBF Europe Pro Cup.


  1. Andreas Plate / Germany (3.000$)
  2. Miles Stovall / USA (2.000$)
  3. Betrand Nwadele / Switzerland (1.000$)
  4. Daniel Gildner / Germany
  5. Wayne Braddock / United Kingdom
  6. Gerald Peil / USA

WNBF Europe Cup Overall Winner Andy Plate and GNBF President Berend Breitenstein at the GNBF Championships.

It was a tough battle for victory between the undefeated GNBF Overall German Champion 2008 and 2011, Andy Plate and multiple World Champion Miles Stovall from the United States. Andy gave his WNBF Pro debut at this contest and he showed rock hard muscularity that edged out Miles’ beautiful lines and full muscles for first place finish. Miles presented an excellent shape but seems a bit softer than in comparison to when he is at his best. The stage where full of energy as these two champions stand next to each other gunning for the winner trophy as well as for the $3,000 check that was handled out for first place.

In the end, Andy won by unanimous decision and Miles placed a strong second and took home $2,000.? Bertrand Nwadele from Switzerland presented a very aesthetic body with pleasing lines and massive and full muscles. He took third place and $1.000 in prize money.

Daniel Gildner just won the GNBF middleweight class at his first participation as an athlete at a bodybuilding contest this same evening and decided to give his Pro Debut at the WNBF Europe Pro Cup shortly afterwards. This 23-year-old young guy showed a very balanced physique and tight muscularity. A well deserved fourth place finish for him. Wayne Braddock from the United Kingdom took fifth place with a pleasing physique, ahead of Gerald Peil from the US, who was in excellent condition and rounded out this field of six high class WNBF Pros competing at the 1st WNBF Europe Pro Cup.

The WNBF Europe is looking forward to 2012 to stage the second annual WNBF Europe Pro Cup! Visit
www.wnbf-europe.eu for full contest coverage and lots of photos.

Source: WNBF.net - WNBF Europe Pro Cup

Press: Healthy Trends in NYC - Sharon get a Thumbs Up!

by Sharon Gayle October 21, 2011

 Featured by


Healthy Trends in NY City


Sharon Gayle gets Thumbs-Up for her championship
achievements and services!

"On Muscle Talk 101 radio, INBF and WBNF World pro Sharon Gayle was on MT 101 talking about her accomplishments with GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement and her success on the stage. Sharon pointed out that..." READ ARTICLE.

Sharon Gayle, INBF World Figure Champion and WNBF Pro.


Courtesy: Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement

Sharon talks about GayleFORCE Fitness on MuscleTalkRadio101!

by Sharon Gayle October 20, 2011

MuscleTalk101 Radio

Candid and Keeping it Real!

Sharon talks to radio show personality Claudia Reid about her life, accomplishments, and vision
for GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.


 Featured as a "Spotlight Guest" on the Claudia Reid Show - MuscleTalk101 Radio.

CLICK to Listen to the entire show!


Sharon Gayle, Photo by Michael Keel


  Courtesy: Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.

Stats & Facts: Preventable Health Disparities.

by Sharon Gayle September 19, 2011

Health Disparities and Racial / Ethnic Minority Groups

Periodically I will choose to cover an issue for which my own words cannot fully amplify the severity of the situation. In these instances, where permitted, I will simply pull the entire article for your review and educational benefit. The following is one such issue / concern. Following is the article is provided courtesy of the
CDC, Centers for Disease Control.

Photograph, courtesy of CDC.

Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations. Disparities often begin early in life, starting during childhood or adolescence.
Young people from racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States suffer disproportionately from a number of preventable diseases and health problems. For example:
  • Compared with white youth, black and Hispanic youth have higher prevalence’s of asthma, overweight, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Rates of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy are higher among black and Hispanic youth than among whites of the same age.
  • In 2007, black youth accounted for approximately 68% of new HIV/AIDS cases among 13–19 year olds, even though they represented only 15% of the population in that age group.
  • Hispanic youth experience proportionately more anxiety-related behaviors and depression than do non-Hispanic white youth.
  • Among youth aged 10–19 years, American Indians have the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes of any racial/ethnic group.
  • Suicide rates among American Indians/Alaska Natives aged 15–34 years are more than two times higher than the national average for that age group.

Contributors to Health Disparities

The causes of these differences in health — known as "health disparities" — are many. Poverty, unequal access to health care, poor environmental conditions, educational inequalities, individual behaviors, and language barriers are all important contributors.
Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health experienced by socially disadvantaged populations.
These disparities are inequitable and directly related to the historical and current unequal distribution of social, political, economic, and environmental resources.
In addition to race and ethnicity, health disparities also exist on the basis of sex, age, income level, geography, sexual orientation, disability, and special health care needs.
To address health disparities, early intervention is key. Most of the leading causes of illness and premature death among minority youth and adults stem from unhealthy behaviors that become established during childhood and adolescence—such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, risky sexual behaviors, and use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Findings from a National Survey of Youth

To learn more about the health-related behaviors of our nation's young people — their eating and exercise habits, their drinking and drug use, their sexual activities, and more — CDC conducts the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This survey is given every two years to 9th–12th grade students in public and private schools across the United States.
Demographic data are also collected through this survey to help researchers analyze trends by age, sex, and race/ethnicity.
The findings from this national youth survey have contributed greatly to our understanding of racial/ethnic disparities in health. CDC has prepared two reports that summarize the survey data and identify important differences in health-related behaviors among black, Hispanic, and white youth in the United States
The reports give demographic profiles for blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. and outline important health and behavioral differences among adolescents in the following areas:
  1. Injury, violence, and suicide attempts;
  2. Sexual risk behaviors, such as condom use, number of partners, and age of first sexual intercourse;
  3. Alcohol and other drug use;
  4. Obesity and unhealthy dietary behaviors;
  5. Physical activity; and
  6. Tobacco use.
CDC's Division of Adolescent Health also suggest actions that public health and education professionals can take to address disparities among students, including:
  • Focusing programmatic efforts to address the needs of youth in high risk groups.
  • Raising awareness about the causes of disparities and about evidence-based strategies for addressing them.
  • Building partnerships to address the root causes of health and educational disparities.
  • Documenting the impact of health disparities, as well as the impact of efforts to reduce them.
Entire Source and Data: Center for Disease Control and Prevention - cdcinfo@cdc.gov
All photographs provided courtesy of CDC.

Hercules 2011 Spot-Light and Awards / Presentation

by Sharon Gayle August 19, 2011

2011 INBF Hercules – Coverage

It was an unforgettable experience! 

On Saturday 25th June, 2011, I had the great honor of Spotlighted at the 2011 INBF Hercules Championships held in New York City, and presenting trophies to the Top-5 and Overall Winners of each segment.

Smiling for the camera backstage!

It was an unforgettable experience!  The Hercules was a Pro-Card Qualifier*; thus, some of the most seasoned amateur physique competitors came out to showcase their body’s, and their dedication to the sport.  And, believe me, they came out in peak condition!  The judges had their work cut out for them …the competition was stiff!!! And, with the WNBF Pro Universe just 3-weeks away, and the 2011 Pro World Championships in November; not to be taken lightly.

Winning a Pro. Card* would allow the  newly minted Professional competitor, the opportunity to enter either of these WNBF mega events!

Being recognized for my accomplishments was great, but experiencing the world of Physique Competition from the stage (fully-clothed :-), in addition to seeing and understanding first-hand the various emotions displayed in the faces of the competitors, offered a totally different perspective; one which was both exhilarating and sad.  Because, though the Amateur aspires to place Top-5** at any competition; 1st Place is needed to contend for the Overall Title***.  It is the winner of Overall Title who will receive a Pro. Card.  Boy, did I know the feeling!  All I could do to ease the obvious nervousness and tension, was to whisper words of encouragement whenever I could, as I greeted and awarded each competitor.  ~SharonGayle

Alex Groumbas, 1st in Bantamweight Class and Men's Overall Winner! A title well deserved!

Whispering positive words to Alex!

Top-5 Figure Competitors - Donna Kratz takes 1st Place and Overall.

The awesome Sean Campbell takes 1st Place in Middle Weight.

Top-5 Middle Weight Class

Akinyemi Damola takes 1st Place. Top-5 Heavyweight Class

Hercules 2011 - Results

Click on link below for more details on:
*Pro. Card Qualifier  / **Top-5 / ***Overall Title / Winner