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Happiness - An Inside Job!

by Sharon Gayle May 30, 2018

The Recipe for Happiness

The Main Ingredient ...YOU.

Good HEALTH starts from the inside out. It begins with the MIND- Choosing to set your priorities, putting your health first. Followed by an understanding that you truly are what you EAT. Fat begets fat; therefore, choose to eat healthfully. WORKOUT- Incorporate some form of fitness & weight-bearing routine into your life, the majority of days of the week. MUSCLE- aides in burning additional calories and creates STRENGTH. PRIORITIZE- your mind and body over all things. Life is a little easier, and more enjoyable when you are functioning at your best, and LOVE- who YOU are! ~Sharon Gayle

Remembering Memorial Day!

by Sharon Gayle May 26, 2018

"A Hero...

is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."
- Joseph Campbell


Mind Over Body...

by Sharon Gayle May 26, 2018

Push Forward...

Envision a better mental and physical YOU!


Tip of the Day! | An Apple...

by Sharon Gayle May 29, 2017

GayleFORCE® | Keeping it real!

It takes a litte bit more than an Apple.

An “Apple a Day” combined with the main ingredient …the “Right Mindset”, definitely helps to keep the Doctor away!

Motivational: Words that Feed the Soul!

by Sharon Gayle May 7, 2017

Mahtma Gandhi




Inspirational Quote of the Day!

by Sharon Gayle March 26, 2017

Quotes of the Day!

Don't find an Excuse ...Find a way!

Believe in yourself! Surround yourself with only those family and friends, who will encourage and uplift you along the journey, to becoming a better YOU. ~SharonGayle



GayleFORCE® Weekly Motivational

by Sharon Gayle February 3, 2016

Life can be very stressful! 

Work it out... Take it to the gym, and leave it there!


GayleFORCE® Weekly Motivational

by Sharon Gayle November 25, 2015

Be the Driving FORCE!

Don't Give Up

It isn't always easy, but you cannot reach your goal(s) if you give up now. Just DO IT! And be proud of the little steps you're taking right now. :-)

Leading by Example!™

Quote of the Day - Success...

by Sharon Gayle September 1, 2015


An ongoing journey

Quote of the Day.

by Sharon Gayle June 5, 2015

GayleFORCE Quote of the Day!

Be the Driving FORCE!



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