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Client Testimonial - Ryan Coran

by Sharon Gayle April 20, 2017

GayleFORCE® Client Testimonial

I'm Looking forward to my next game...

Sharon has really helped improve my strength and flexibility. Aside from my enhanced health and fitness, I have improved my golf game considerably. Since I started her nutrition and meal plan program, I am hitting my irons 5-10 yards longer. I also have increased my driving distance 15-20 yards, as well as being more flexible. I am looking forward to taking my game to the "next level" with her guidance and hard work. ~Ryan Coran - Jersey City, NJ.              



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Client Testimonial - Terri Clifton (GA.)

by Sharon Gayle April 29, 2016

A True Inspiration to me...

Sharon has been a true inspiration to me. Not only has she helped me with confidence, posing, and developing a solid stage presence, but beyond that; taught me there are no limits and to that I am truly grateful.

Sharon your drive and dedication to what you do is stellar. Thank you for your guidance, support and being a true example to model after. To continued success !!

~Terri Clifton McDonough, GA.


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Johanna Carbonnell | Competitor Testimonial | 2015 GayleFORCE® Metro NY

by Sharon Gayle September 17, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY (GFM™) 2015

Competitor Testimonial

Above and Beyond...

Dear Sharon-GayleFORCE® Metro was my sixth competition, but it was one of the most well coordinated.  Even with a few glitches, Sharon made sure it was relatively seamless for competitors.  From the very beginning this event was extremely enjoyable.  I was able to concentrate on my training and prep, feeling confident that Sharon would keep me informed and that the process go smoothly.  Most importantly, Sharon Gayle went above and beyond to make sure that each and every competitor was able to shine.  Johanna Rose Carbonell!!

Thank you again Sharon, I look forward to next year!

Healthfully yours,
Johanna Rose Carbonell

Cheryl DeBow | GFM™ 2015 Competitor Testimonial

by Sharon Gayle September 11, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY (GFM™) 2015

Competitor Testimonial

A Civilized Pace...

Dear Sharon-

"It was so great meeting you in person Sharon and I am so very thankful GFM was my first competition experience because we all had the opportunity to shine and take things at a civilized pace."  ~Cheryl DeBow

Cheryl DeBow

Doug Sher | GFM™ 2015 Competitor Testimonial

by Sharon Gayle September 4, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY (GFM™) 2015

Competitor Testimonial

The Whole Experience...

Dear Sharon-

"I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a great job running the show. It was my first time doing anything like this and I thought you were very organized and professional. Everyone I met was helpful and friendly. The whole experience was positive and I hope to see you again next year." 

Doug Schur

Doug Schur

Josue Mondesir | GFM™ 2015 Competitor Testimonial

by Sharon Gayle September 3, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY (GFM™) 2015

Competitor Testimonial

The Bodybuilding Bug...

Dear Sharon-

"...Again, thank you for hosting such a great event. As a first time competitor it was all I could ask for. You made the experience enjoyable from the moment I met you. It's safe to say I was hit by the bodybuilding bug at the GayleFORCE Metro '15. Much love and continued success to you. I'm sure the event will only continue to grow with you at the helm.
Till next time.."
~Josue Mondesir

Josue Mondesir

Dawn Lynch | GFM™ 2015 Competitor Testimonial

by Sharon Gayle September 1, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY 2015 (GFM™) Competitor Testimonial

When Paths Cross

The Most Amazing Experience...

Dear Sharon-

"I just returned from vacation and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work in organizing and promoting the GayleFORCE® Metro NY show. It was such an amazing opportunity to participate in this show, and I look forward to being a part of it in the future.

Beyond that though, I would just like you to know how much your professionalism and personal touch made this experience an unforgettable one for me. About one month prior to the show, you took the time out of your busy schedule to respond to one of my inquiries with a phone call in lieu of an email. Prior to that conversation, I was having doubts about competing because I knew I couldn't change my physique significantly since my last show in June. I was beating myself up pretty badly, and I thought I had no place competing or even stepping onto a stage. Whether or not that holds true, one simple phone call from you changed everything for me and gave me the confidence and the encouragement I needed to continue on with my goal.

You spent a great deal of time that night answering my questions and providing words of encouragement, experience, and wisdom that were sorely needed. Then again, the night prior to the show, you encouraged me to complete my routine, which I had never performed before and was very anxious about. Had you given me the option NOT to do it, I would never have had the most amazing experience of completing my first posing routine in front of an audience -- a moment I will never forget and will hold as one of the few times in my life when I was completely and utterly proud of one of my accomplishments. In my eyes and limited experience, you are the perfect person to be promoting a competition of this sort--your compassion, your positive energy, your kindness and your enthusiasm as well as your experience all made this event an incredible experience for all who participated. Thank you again so much for this opportunity.

Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do not only to promote the sport of natural bodybuilding, but also to support people's goals and dreams.  It was a true privilege to get to meet and work with you."

Dawn Lynch

Dawn Lynch, awarded "Best Poser - Female" GFM Medallion


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