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GayleFORCE® Competitor

The Making of a Champion!

Pursue your Competitive Goals by preparing for your next event with Sharon Gayle, INBF World Figure Champion, and ranking WNBF Professional Figure Competitor.

Whether you are "Novice" taking the stage for the first time, an "Amateur" Competitor looking to make it to the Pro ranks or, a seasoned "Professional" seeking to refine and repeat your previous successes; allow me to assist you in taking your competitive goals and achievements to new heights!

Client Testimonial

Terri Clifton

Sharon has been a true inspiration to me. Not only has she helped me with confidence, posing, and developing a solid stage presence, but beyond that; taught me there are no limits and to that I am truly grateful. Sharon your drive and dedication to what you do is stellar. Thank you for your guidance, support and being a true example to model after.To continued success!! ~Terri Clifton - McDonough, GA.

You are a Competitor, but are you considered Competition?

Competing and doing well is no easy task. 100% dedication and focus is absolutely necessary to do well. To become a FORCE to be reckoned with, you must:

  1. Master, shape, and refine your physique
  2. Become strong of mind
  3. Unwavering in determination
  4. Nutritionally balanced
  5. Captivating in stage appearance
  6. Graceful on stage
  7. Present a flawless package!

And when all is said and done, you must have the ability to leave the stage as confidently and as poised as you stepped onto it. When you have achieved all of the above areas of preparation you will be a formidable GayleFORCE® Competitor!

How badly to do you want it?

You burn with a desire to win; however, winning often comes with months, sometimes years of hard work and preparation. It is no easy task! Regardless of you current physical appearance, you must perfect your physique, stage-presence, and posing so that no matter how you place, you are unforgettable! Both the judges and the audience will want to see you take the stage again!

To fully understand Bodybuilding, and it's divisions i.e. "Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini" and place Top-5; you must work with someone who has walked in your shoes and understands every aspect of competing, and what the panel of judges are looking for. But, perhaps more importantly, you must work with someone who is dedicated to seeing you achieve success and glory!

I look forward to being that person and will be there with you every step of the way as you leave a lasting impression on all that behold the perfected you! ~Sharon Gayle

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Sharon Gayle's Executive Challenge Bootcamp


Initial Consultation & Assessment
· One (1) 50-minute meeting - $95.00
Posing & Stage Presence
One (1) Hour Sessions
· 5 Pak – $325.00
· 10 Pak – $600.00
· One (1) 50-minute meeting - $95.00
Competitor Nutrition & Meal Planning
· Nutrition Plan (initial) – $125.00
· Nutrition Plan (update) – $30.00
· One (1) 50-minute meeting - $95.00
Fitness Program Design
· One (1) Month Workout Plan - $110.00
Competitor Personal Training
· 5-pak – $525.00
· 10 Pak – $950.00
· One (1) 50-minute meeting - $95.00
Day of Event: Travel with and Assist Competitor
· TBD. Price will vary based upon event location, travel method, etc.
Follow up Consultations
· In Person: $75.00 / 45-minutes
· By Phone: $55.00 / 30-minutes

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