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GayleFORCE® Consultation

A Life-Changing Discussion!

GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance is not a “gym” or “Health club” , and YOU are “not” a number. We see clients by appointment only, so that we can give you the private and personal attention needed, to discuss your concerns.

I look at each, and every client, as my only client; not one of many. And as such, when you sit with me for your Consultation; at that moment, you are my one and only concern. The concern is sincere, and the care is real! The information that you share with me, will allow me to formulate your GayleFORCE® personalized goal-plan, and results-oriented program.

GayleFORCE® is not a gym, or a health club; we are your resource for uniquely personalized whole-health and wellness. Come on in, and make yourself comfortable!

Client Testimonial

Aimee Buono

I met Sharon Gayle through her online competition videos. As a former NPC figure competitor, I was new to the WNBF’s style of posing and I wanted to perfect it! I found and played Sharon’s videos repeatedly at the gym and home to learn the poses. Overtime, her self confidence, poise and smile became a familiar presence to me. I liked how she calmly glided across the stage, confidently paused and then powerfully hit her poses, all with a huge smile. So, imagine how happy I was when I met her backstage at my first INBF show and she commented on my look and posing!!! I already viewed her as a tough competitor from her competition history and videos, but talking to her, she proved to be a genuine and caring person. Sharon had no idea who I was, but she had already been a force in my life and I was excited to meet her. So excited, that I decided to meet with Sharon for a Consultation. Meeting with Sharon in her office brought her authenticity and integrity to life. I quickly learned that Sharon is a passionate, determined, knowledgeable individual in her field. She thrives in the competition world while also supporting others success. She will guide you to bring your best YOU to the forefront.She did this for me with a video, imagine what she can do for you in person!! Thank you Sharon!. ~Aimee Buono - Brooklyn, NY.

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Sharon Gayle


Consultation & Assessment
Two 50-minute meetings – $320.00
Follow up Consultations:
· In Person: $75.00 / 45-minutes
· By Phone: $55.00 / 30-minutes

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