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GayleFORCE® Nutrition & Meal Planning

Good Health Starts from the Inside Out

The GayleFORCE® Nutrition & Meal Plan Program is far more than a weight-loss program; it is personalized, nutritionally balanced, and sound meal-planning created using your specific goals and unique energy and fueling needs. Your GayleFORCE® Nutrition & Meal Plan will promote healthy eating habits, help you to maintain your ideal bodyweight, support your personal daily energy expenditure, and add the necessary nutritional elements needed to achieve your overall health and fitness goals.

Your GayleFORCE® Nutrition & Meal Plan does not entail pre-packaged meals or supplements.

Client Testimonial

A friend of mine does her nutrition with Sharon / GayleFORCE® and is always speaking highly of her.
So I decided to take my 16-year old son, Ian to her to see if she could help him understand why his eating habits had to change. He is extremely overweight and doesn't seem to care what he put's in his mouth. Well I'm not sure how she did it ...but Ian seems to see things a little bit differently now. He has quite a ways to go, but presently he's cut back his soda intake to one per day, and considers Pizza a treat for the weekend, as opposed to dinner Monday thru Friday. He's fine with me taking him to see Sharon twice per month, and is even talking about trying out for his schools Soccer Team when his loses weight. I'm not sure how she got through to my son, and have to admit that I'm a little jealous that she did what I could not; yet, I am so grateful for her abilities, patience, and understanding. ~Tina Marks, Bridge Port, CT.

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Consultation & Assessment / Meal Plan Program Design - $590.00
Follow up Consultations:
· In Person: $75.00 / 45-minutes
· By Phone: $55.00 / 30-minutes

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