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Feed the Mind, Energize the Body, Maximize Productivity!

With unique insight and extensive experience, Sharon Gayle is available for health and wellness, educational, and motivational speaking; and workshops. Sharon Gayle has been referred to as the "Fitness Guru" by B-Status Urban Lifestyle Magazine, and is considered an authority on personalized success-oriented, strategic, health and wellness programming. She is well-known for her vibrant and energetic personality. Her workshops and discussions motivate, stimulate progress, and achieve results!

The GayleFORCE® Wellness Educational Series provides a unique approach, and includes innovative programs, which reinforce and sustain healthy change. GayleFORCE® addresses and supports personal health transformation through engaging and interactive programs, using Lifestyle Management, Nutritional Counseling, Fitness Fundamentals, Strategies for Healthy Change, and Preventive Methodologies. GayleFORCE® Wellness Educational Series will encourage behavior change, and facilitate a balanced lifestyle transition.

Our Programs include:

Working with Our Youth | Public and Private Schools

The GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance provides content directed to the Public and Private Schools sector to support present educational curriculums. Our programs are created to address concerns such as: Student health-related absenteeism, teen nutrition and healthy eating, physical activity inside and outside of the school environment, sports and athletics; student attention span and focus, etc.

Our workshops emphasize the importance of incorporating a healthy and fit lifestyle at a young age, to foster a full, healthy, and productive life. A large segment of our the GayleFORCE® workshops will entail reviewing the basics for good nutrition.

GayleFORCE® youth-focused programs are guaranted to motivate, and energize your children to become more active and health-concious, while having fun!

Employee Health Fairs

Are you planning your Company's annual Health Fair? GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance can provide customized programs for this very important event.

Our services will be customized per your company's protocols to offer your employees onsite services such as Blood Pressure Readings, RHR (resting heart rate) and THR (target heart rate) assessments, Mini Consultations, Body Fat Measurements, Agility Tests, Core Strength Testing, Balance & Coordination Assessments, Nutrition Assessments, Fitness Assessments, Discounted (external) Wellness Services, and much more!

Health & Fitness Workshops

Available as a stand-alone seminar or a series of workshops these programs are interactive, informative and inspirational hour-long events. The content will be tailored to the specific audience, I.e. Executives, CEO's and Upper Management; Students; Retreat Guests, etc.

GayleFORCE® workshops will educate, motivate, and provide effective ways for the attendees to successfully integrate healthy eating, fitness regimens, positive lifestyle choices, scheduling "me-time" etc.

Example of Popular Workshops:
- The Game Plan: Realistic goal-setting for "REAL" results
- Nutritional Fueling: Eating for Personal Power, Energy, and Work-Life Balance
- Stop the 3pm Slump: The Top 7 Steps to Double Your Energy in 7-Weeks

GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance

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