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About Sharon Gayle


Hometown: Birmingham, England, U.K.
Current Residence: New York, NY
Date of Birth: April 4.
Pro Card Holder since 2009
Competition History


Sharon Gayle is a Birmingham, England, UK. Native. Presently, she resides in New York, NY. Healthy living has been her way of life. Sharon grew up in a very health conscious and active family with a love for the outdoors and sports. She became an avid athlete at a young age joining the Track Team, Netball Team (similar to U.S. Basketball) and the Field Hockey Team. After entering college, she competed in several outdoor Obstacle Course competitions.

During her college years she also joined a gym and after many years of working out, knew it was time for her to take her passion for health and fitness further. Already a graduate student, with degrees in Graphic Design & Communication, Television & Video Production, and a Certified Art Education Teacher, she decided to pursue a career in health and wellness. A good listener and motivator, it seemed only natural to pair these qualities with her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of the people she met and worked with, by helping them attain their health, wellness and fitness goals.

In 2008 several friends and clients encouraged Sharon to consider competing in Figure competitions, insisting that Sharon looked like a competitor, therefore, why not use it to her advantage? After much contemplation, she decided to try it. Sharon knew it would be encouraging for her clients to see proof that our bodies can be tweaked, changed, and taken to higher levels of fitness, if we determine to do so.

In 2008, she decided to compete for the first time. After placing Top-5 in all but one of her competitions, it became clear that she was on the right track. She continued competing, taking 1st Place at the 2009 NPC Grand Prix and then, later that year, climbing to the top of the ranks, winning the much sought after title of INBF World Figure Champion in November 2009, receiving her Pro-Card Professional Competitor Status.

Sharon is an ACE - Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, ACSM - Health Fitness Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, ACE - Certified Personal Trainer, and AFAA - Group Instructor. With more than 15-years of experience, Sharon has evolved within the fitness industry. Along with her success as a Figure Competitor, Sharon Gayle is the CEO and Founder of GayleFORCE® Health & Fitness Alliance, located in New York City. Sharon is also a Spokesperson and Affiliate Representative of GOH, Generations of Health (USA), regularly speaking on the importance of leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals, and regular participation in physical activity and exercise.

Viewed as a health and wellness authority to many, B-Status Daily Urban Lifestyle Online Magazine calls Sharon a "Fitness Guru who's approach and methods were proven successful and quite unlike many traditional methods." Read the story here

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine calls Sharon "a 5-8, 128lb beauty with a solid training philosophy and never-ending resolve. She has four principals one of which she refers to as Quote: Fringe Benefits." NB&F continues, quoting Sharon as saying: "My clients are often surprised when I tell them that looking good should be viewed as a fringe benefit of working out and eating healthy. It shouldn't be the impetus for hitting the gym. Rather, we might consider it the guaranteed outcome of leading a healthful and balanced life."

With Sharon's experience, knowledge, and education she has been able to use her expertise to help others on many levels. Sharon spends a large amount of her time helping clients achieve, and in many cases, exceed their fitness goals. Sharon's goal is to help motivate and inspire others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, through example. Sharon is the epitome of one who practices what she preaches and views success as believing in oneself, living a healthy balanced lifestyle and making a positive difference in the lives that we touch!

Sharon Gayle


I believe it is essential to be true to the sport and ourselves by competing drug-free. I live and breathe fitness, and have long believed in the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Competing, though very important to me, is secondary to my overall health and wellbeing. As such, I could not imagine contaminating myself with any form of steroid or banned substance. I view my body as the temple, which houses the essence of who I am, thus, drugs go against all that I believe in.

As WNBF/INBF athletes, we undergo mandatory drug and polygraph testing every 3 months to be sure that we are not taking steroids or other banned substances. If a competitor is found to have taken any illegal products, he or she is stripped of their title and banned from the organization for 7 years.

The frequent testing which we undergo is both rigorous and nerve-racking, however, it is important to go into competition know that the playing field is level. Regardless of how well we do, I prefer that the results be based upon training and preparation, not upon drug-induced prowess! ~SG.

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