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Competition History

Year Event Result Division
Aug. 2015UK. Open Championships4thFigure
Dec. 2014British Masters Championships, UK.3rdFigure
Nov. 2014WNBF Pro World Championships6thFigure
Sept. 2013WNBF, Champion Nutrition Pro Universe6thFigure
Nov. 2012NPC, Easter USA Championships7thFigure
Oct. 2012NPC, Grand Prix1st*Figure
Oct. 2012NPC, Grand Prix3rd, MastersFigure
June 2012IFPA, Pro Masters World Challenge7thFigure
Nov. 2011WNBF, Pro Natural World Championships10thFigure
Sept. 2011WNBF, Champion Nutrition Pro Universe8thFigure
Nov. 20102010 WNBF Pro World Championships8thFigure
Sept. 20102010 WNBF Pro U.S. Cup Championships7thFigure
May 2010WNBF Center Stage Pro Championships8thFigure
Nov. 2009INBF World Figure Championships – Earned Pro CardOverall WinnerFigure
Nov. 2009INBF World Figure Championships1st* Place, Tall ClassFigure
Oct. 2009NPC Grand Prix1st*Figure
June 2009INBF IART Hercules5thFigure
May 2009INBF / Metabolix / Natural North America5thFigure
April 2009NPC Metropolitan3rdFigure
Oct. 2008NPC Grand Prix2ndFigure
April 2008NPC Metropolitan4thFigure
WNBF Pro Natural World Championship
Sharon Gayle at WNBF Pro Natural World Championship


I believe it is essential to be true to the sport and ourselves by competing drug-free. I live and breathe fitness, and have long believed in the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Competing, though very important to me, is secondary to my overall health and wellbeing. As such, I could not imagine contaminating myself with any form of steroid or banned substance. I view my body as the temple, which houses the essence of who I am, thus, drugs go against all that I believe in.

As WNBF/INBF athletes, we undergo mandatory drug and polygraph testing every 3 months to be sure that we are not taking steroids or other banned substances. If a competitor is found to have taken any illegal products, he or she is stripped of their title and banned from the organization for 7 years.

The frequent testing which we undergo is both rigorous and nerve-racking, however, it is important to go into competition know that the playing field is level. Regardless of how well we do, I prefer that the results be based upon training and preparation, not upon drug-induced prowess! ~SG.

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