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My Philosopy

Your Body . . . Your Temple . . .

"I want your body," "I want your arms," "I want a 6-pak stomach," "looking at you makes me feel embarrassed," "how many years have you been working out?," "how many hours do you work out per day?," "I'm getting married in 6-months," "I just had a baby," "my boyfriend thinks I need to lose weight," "I just want to get rid of my beer-belly," "I'm running a half-marathon in 3-weeks"

These are just some of the many comments and questions that I receive almost daily, all with the hopes that I can somehow magically provide the answer for the quick-fix the individual is seeking. Rarely is the question, "what do I have to do be healthier and live long?" So sad is the look on the individuals face when I tell them that I have been working out and living a healthy lifestyle for more than 16-years. That I have made a lifelong choice to treat my body as if it were a temple and to constantly protect my organs as if they were prized riches within this temple. . .which they are. That I workout and eat clean to maintain good health, be physically fit, strong and capable; and that my physical appearance is a positive, but secondary consequence of my choices in life. A fringe benefit of doing what I think is right for me.

Most do not expect me to respond this way and the look of enthusiasm on their face is quickly followed by disillusionment. For some reason he or she thought their body could be transformed in perhaps 6-weeks and that it would take little if no effort to maintain this transformation.

I usually ask the person one question. Why? Why do you want my body, my arms, a 6-pak, to lose weight for your boyfriend? Why do you want to be a replica of someone else when you could be a fantastic you?

The Real World...

Alas, fantasy is best left for television as we live in the real world, leading multi-dimensional lives intertwined with the lives of others. Sometimes our lives are made richer, fuller by our involvements, but then there are the instances where they are made complicated and difficult. Choosing to treat ourselves with love, respect and kindness is essential to unraveling the madness and tapping into a balanced lifestyle and thought process, which will allow us to root out unnecessary stressful elements and individuals.

The Transformation...

Positive change comes with positive thoughts and singular focus, based up knowing who you are and choosing to enhance yourself from the inside out. Transforming yourself begins in your mind and ripples out to affect every facet of your life. Choosing to change your body for the right reasons, even if that reason is to lose weight, is most attainable and sustainable, when YOU believe it's the right and healthy thing to do for yourself.

Self-acceptance and self-love are paramount to complete and balanced wellness. Cosmetic flaws, wrinkles, and body types are all parts of life. By embracing your body, imperfections and all, you will have opened yourself up to the benefits of sound thinking and the possibilities that lay ahead for you to transform yourself into a better you.

You may never be a size-4, or have a 6-pak, but knowing that you look and feel your best due to implementing a pro-active and healthy lifestyle, will leave you glowing with self-confidence and self-love for the rest of your life. Two very important traits that no other individual can give you! ~SG.

Sharon Gayle

My Mission

  • To stimulate, encourage, and empower my clients to reach their health and wellness potential via the integration of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle management principals.
  • To consistently address the unique needs of each of my clients by providing optimum care and premium service.
  • Leading by Example!™
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