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Sharon Gayle


I believe it is essential to be true to the sport and ourselves by competing drug-free. I live and breathe fitness, and have long believed in the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Competing, though very important to me, is secondary to my overall health and wellbeing. As such, I could not imagine contaminating myself with any form of steroid or banned substance. I view my body as the temple, which houses the essence of who I am, thus, drugs go against all that I believe in.

As WNBF/INBF athletes, we undergo mandatory drug and polygraph testing every 3 months to be sure that we are not taking steroids or other banned substances. If a competitor is found to have taken any illegal products, he or she is stripped of their title and banned from the organization for 7 years.

The frequent testing which we undergo is both rigorous and nerve-racking, however, it is important to go into competition know that the playing field is level. Regardless of how well we do, I prefer that the results be based upon training and preparation, not upon drug-induced prowess! ~SG.

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